The Majestic Twelve — Has the Greatest Government Coverup of All Time Only Just Begun?

When you talk conspiracy theories in our modern society, unidentified flying objects (UFOs) is bound to come up. The human race has been fascinated with the concept that similar creatures from another solar system or even galaxy may have visited this Earth, observing from afar or even living amongst us. Of all of the topics this covers, which includes alien abductions and the like, the Majestic 12 and Roswell stand as the pillars of almost every conspiracy theory out there regarding the possibility of contact of any sort with extraterrestrial beings.

letter maj12What is the Majestic 12? In theory, it is a code name for a secret committee of people created through an executive order by President Harry Truman in 1947. The group is purported to be made up of everything from distinguished scientists to military leaders to politicians. At the time the Majestic 12 was created, there had been a huge rise in reports of UFOs both from civilians and through military intelligence agencies. Many of the actual physical sightings came in the classic “flying saucer” form, still the first thing that pops into most people’s minds when someone says something a UFO. The purpose of the committee was to investigate these strange happenings from more than one perspective. First, of course, was to determine if the sightings were authentic and any threat to national security. Secondly, Truman wanted the committee to investigate the physics and technological aspects of these supposed devices. Basically, he wanted to know if it was possible, regardless of whether the reports received were true. Many people have suggested that what really set the creation of the Majestic 12 into motion was the very famous theory that an actual UFO specimen was recovered in Roswell, New Mexico around June of 1947.

Now that we’ve set the table so to speak, now let’s take it a step further by analyzing the information above from a more skeptical standpoint. It should be noted that the government has not ever officially acknowledged the existence of the Majestic 12. It also vehemently denies the many theories surrounding Roswell. There have been instances where the operation has appeared in government documents that led many to come to the above conclusions. Sometimes it is spelled out; sometimes it is abbreviated to MJ-12. However, in almost every instant where enterprising conspiracy theorists and investigators have discovered information supposedly proving the existence of MJ-12, there is always a subsequent redaction or investigation by the government (usually from the FBI) that debunks the theory with alleged facts. Whether you take that information as satisfactory proof that the Majestic 12 is a figment of overactive imaginations depends primarily on your trust level with your government. Needless to say, the FBI’s investigations did little to stem the tide of theories about the committee or Roswell, as most people believe the government actively engages in the spreading of disinformation and propaganda to influence public opinion.

One of the most damning pieces of evidence that has been presented for the existence of the Majestic 12 is a now famous letter supposedly signed by Harry Truman himself in 1947 that in effect created the committee. The letter, pictured here, is adorned with a “Top Secret Eyes Only” warning at the top. The authenticity of the letter has been repeatedly challenged by the FBI and the government, but among civilians, there are mixed reviews. Some feel strongly this is the real thing and point to handwriting analysts that confirm that this is Truman’s signature. However, the style of the print is consistent with a typewriter that wasn’t invented until over a decade after this letter claims to be drafted. This is just another example of how almost nothing involving the Majestic 12 can be truly corroborated, but often in conspiracy circles, this only makes it more interesting and exciting.

So, did the Majestic 12 really exist? Does it still exist today? And what does that mean to the average citizen?

Well, call it whatever you like, the reality of the situation is that if not technically the Majestic 12, something very similar to it most certainly existed. One thing that is absolutely proven fact is that there was an upswing in UFO sightings around the time the Majestic 12 was supposed to have been created. While we might not be putting the right name on it, and we might not have the right alleged members, you can bet there was some sort of organization checking into these things, and what they found would have been considered the absolute epitome of top secret.

It should be noted that a lot of people always look at this from one side or the other. Most conspiracy theorists out there believe that the government is trying to cover up something that happened. It could be the recovery of a UFO, or actual communication or discovery of extraterrestrials. Most don’t ever think that even if the committee discovered it was all a fraud, the government may very well still decide to deny the committee’s existence. Why would they do that? Easy. The government may perceive the threat of UFOs as just as much of an asset as declaring them non-existent. Think about it. The government practices in disinformation and propaganda. They like the debate. As long as there are two clear sides and one side is pointing at the other and vice versa, the government knows that no one has a chance of discovering truth. There is a notion that conspiracy theorists are something the government abhors and views as a threat to its security (which incidentally is not the same as the security of the nation it represents). Nothing could be further from the truth. The government absolutely loves conspiracy theorists postulating their ideas on the web. It keeps people guessing. It keeps people wondering. Most of all, it keeps them divided and unsure what is truth.

It is widely documented that the government does such an amazing job of spreading disinformation that it even does it to itself. The government has so many agencies and so much propaganda spread throughout it that you can rarely even get two government agencies to agree on what is true and what is not. So, if they can fool themselves this easily, you can only imagine what kind of confusion they are weaving through the American public. Make no mistake. Conspiracy theories may even be true, but the government knows that it is so convoluted that no one will ever be able to say anything for sure. Think about JFK for a second. Did the government execute a huge conspiracy to murder him in cold blood? Perhaps. Even if they didn’t, however, they realize the benefit of future presidential candidates thinking that they did. It gives them pause. It makes them think before they step outside of the bounds of the box that is built for them. September 11, 2001 is another example. The government scoffs at theories that the government might have perpetrated the attacks on its own people. We’re not debating whether the theories are true. We are simply recognizing that the government at least likes the idea that someone might not be sure. It keeps us in line, thinking that we have a government that might do that, and thinking that we don’t.

So, you see that it is very well possible that the government found nothing but wants to use that to their advantage as well. Rest assured that on any given occasion, the government as a whole would much rather you or I be debating the Majestic 12 than actually questioning the real life policies they are instituting on a daily basis.

Do you think that the UFO sightings ever ended? They most certainly did not. As a matter of fact, in this digital age of worldwide communication in an instant and almost every living, breathing human having a cell phone with a camera always within reach, the reports are higher than at any point in history. The government has done such a good job of demonizing people that believe in such things that it is taboo. If you saw a UFO tonight, would you tell anyone? Would you not be afraid they would think you were crazy? It wasn’t always like that. Propaganda and disinformation campaigns have created an environment where people seeing something they don’t recognize is just plain old insane. The same is true of conspiracy theories as a whole. The government has created an illusion that anyone that questions what they are doing or their official account of things is by definition insane. It’s kind of ironic. They won’t lock you up for speaking out against them, but they may defame you. They may make you out to be so crazy that you are limited in your functioning in society because of it. The point of all this is that the Majestic 12 committee, if it ever existed, is most certainly dead and buried at this point in our history. What it represents is still alive. Still, more than a half of a century later, we still have never been able to concretely confirm or deny the existence of extraterrestrials or UFOs.

Could it all be about to change? The government has been ramping up a massive effort to educate the general public about what it claims is new developments. Almost daily, there is a new report from NASA about more planets around distant stars that are in the right region to possibly sustain life. Just a few weeks ago, several NASA scientists came out and said that we are “really close” to finding life on another planet. Many point to the rovers on Mars or an upcoming project to go to Europa, a distant moon of Jupiter, as places NASA really believes might prove once and for all that life does exist outside of the vacuum of Earth. Why are they now so eager to tell us about it?

There are a couple of theories on what the government and NASA seem to be preparing us for. One theory is the simple and pure one. NASA really thinks they are getting close to finding life on another planet. They want to prepare the public for all of the ramifications such a discovery will bring for our planet, scientifically, politically, and spiritually. Another more sinister theory is that they already have discovered life, potentially years in the past, and now, for whatever reason, have decided it is time to reveal this to an unsuspecting world. Last could be that they actually have some reason to believe that extraterrestrials are either here or on the way and see these sorts of reports as ways to rally public support for even more government spending on these programs.

Even if there was an announcement that life had been discovered on another planet, practically no one expects that the government would reveal much more than a microscopic microbe. While the discovery of any life at all is a profound moment for all of humanity, it certainly will not alter conspiracy theories regarding UFOs and the Majestic 12. Finding life on another planet that they are willing to publicly acknowledge is exciting, but it will not convince anyone who believes that a much more advanced form of life has already been here that their theories were incorrect. The Majestic 12 may be alive and well today in some form or fashion and ready to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public many more times before everything is said and done.