Suge Knight Shot Again at VMA Pre-Party — Illuminati’s Cockroach

The legend of Suge Knight is an amazing one. Most people deal with scrapes and cuts and the occasional cold in their lives off-and-on. Well, Suge Knight deals with gunshot wounds the same way. This man has been shot repeatedly in several different instances and he survives every time. The latest incident took place at Chris Brown’s MTV Video Music Awards pre-party on Saturday evening. Knight was shot six times and apparently is expected to pull through with no problems.
Knight’s magnetism to bullets is considered by many to be no coincidence. Many finger Suge Knight as the perpetrator around the killing of Tupac Shakur, despite the fact that he was in the car. That is only one of many brushes with the law, and it’s pretty astonishingly clear that there are people that are rooting for Suge’s early demise. There are also plenty of people that believe that Suge Knight has a love-hate relationship with the Illuminati. At times, he has seemed to be an Illuminati henchman, and at other times, he has been pretty open about what they are all about and how he has foiled them.
Could the Illuminati still be trying to kill Suge after all these years? Is Suge like a cockroach to the Illuminati? They seem to be so effective at killing off people that show a propensity to go against their grain, but yet Suge seems to come out okay somehow time after time. What do you think? Is the Illuminati scratching its heads wondering how they will ever kill Suge Knight? Or is someone still eager for revenge for the Tupac killings all these years later?

And if you’re wondering about Suge Knight’s Illuminati involvement, he made major waves in conspiracy circles last year when he was sighted driving a new BMW with Illuminati scrawled where the BMW logo should be. ¬†Were Suge and the Illuminati back on speaking terms but something went horribly wrong Saturday night?