Robin Williams Was Target of Viral Internet Death Hoax Just Before He Died for Real — Similarities to Paul Walker

The Twitter/social media internet death hoax has become a standard thing in the celebrity world these days.  As a matter of fact, stars all over Hollywood almost feel slighted if there hasn’t been a viral hoax reporting their untimely demise.   However, two incidents are now causing a lot of people in conspiracy circles to wonder if there’s more to these hoaxes than we originally thought.

It has now been confirmed that actor and comedian Robin Williams died of what they are suggesting is a suicide at the age of 63.  This is not a hoax.  However, the very day before he died, there was a viral internet hoax saying he was dead.  As a matter of fact, even right now, you can find articles on the internet saying “it’s okay, it was just a hoax” even in the wake of his actual death.  Why that is troubling should be fairly obvious?  If this is indeed a suicide, did Robin Williams himself start the hoax?  Is this some sort of last laugh?  Or did someone start the hoax with some sort of knowledge that Williams was really going to die just hours from that point?

Another reason this is arousing so many suspicions is that it isn’t the first time it happened.  Many people in conspiracy circles have doubted the official story surrounding Paul Walker’s tragic death crashing into a tree in a vehicle.  He also was the victim of a viral internet hoax the very day before he met his real demise.

That’s a little coincidental that it has now happened twice.  Is there more to this story?