Rick Perry Says ISIS Operatives Already in the United States — Real Threat or Preparing Us for False Flag?

In between getting booked into jail and making political speeches, Texas governor Rick Perry has some dire warnings for the American public.  In the ongoing border crisis (you know, the one that has been going on for your whole life), Perry says that it is entirely possible that operatives of everyone’s new favorite terror organization ISIS have hopscotched right over the border and into the United States.

Maybe politicians in the United States should just have mug shots taken as soon as they go into office, just to make things easier.
Maybe politicians in the United States should just have mug shots taken as soon as they go into office, just to make things easier.

He’s right.  It is entirely possible.  ISIS is a relatively new terror organization on the scene.  They are making a splash fast with their bloodbaths in Iraq and Syria and now the very public beheading of an American journalist.  That’s what makes it even more scary.  ISIS seems to have sprung up from nowhere, but they didn’t really.  This ball started rolling a long time before these latest atrocities, and if they played it smart, ISIS may very well have gotten boatloads of their operatives into the United States before the average citizen had ever even heard of what they were.  Remember our friends at Al-Qaida.  They sent in the 9/11 hijackers who literally infiltrated our nation and spent years getting the education and experience they needed to carry out their mission (this all assuming you believe that is what happened, but that’s another story).  Sure, it got really difficult for them to get in post-9/11, but up until then, it was pretty easy.  The same was probably true for ISIS.

Perry’s motivations are another story.  Why is he bringing this up?  Is he supposed to be talking about this?  It is assumed that the CIA, FBI, and the federal government in general have to know that this was a distinct possibility.  Certainly Obama should not be surprised at this revelation.  So, is Perry using political motivations to spill a threat to the American public that isn’t supposed to be discussed?  Or is this a carefully orchestrated moment for America to start being spoon-fed the information that will ultimately be a false flag terror attack on our soil once again.

Much like Al-Qaida, it’s hard to get a lot of support from the average American citizen because ISIS is committing atrocities half a world away in Iraq.  But when things strike close to home, it’s a whole different story.  Could we be bracing ourselves for 9/11 Part II?

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