Prelude to a False Flag — Government Fear Factory Turns Up the Heat on ISIS

Our friends at TruthStreamMedia put together a great video that details the various ways the government and the media is shoving fear down our throats with the constant bombardment of information about the “new” terrorist organization ISIS and how they are now not only running wild in the Middle East, but a very real threat here on American soil.

One of the most amazing parts of this video is how it shows how ISIS is now showing up throughout our culture.  Even a protester in Ferguson held up a sign indicating “ISIS here.”  It all seems to be a lot of fear mongering leading up to yet another 9/11 anniversary.  Is ISIS, the new Al-Qaida by all accounts, gearing up for a major attack to really put it on the world map?  Or is the United States government planning a false flag operation to be blamed on ISIS to garner support from Americans to launch yet another war in the Middle East, and possibly eventually leading to war with Russia as well?