Paul Walker’s Death Predicted in Photograph at Restaurant — Are We Reaching Just a Little Bit?

The death of Paul Walker touched a lot of people, and it also inspired plenty of conspiracy circles amongst those that buy into such things.  There were plenty of theories that the Illuminati had somehow murdered Paul Walker, and that the manner of his death was actually consistent with other incidents where the Illuminati was also implicated.  While these theories might seem a bit farfetched at first glance, there were some of you out there that had some pretty compelling arguments.   Now, the Internet is abuzz for no reason at all because a blogger has unearthed an old fan photo of Paul Walker that “eerily foretells his death.”

The photograph, seen below, that is causing the ruckus is just a very average photograph of Walker posing with a fan.  He happens to be at a restaurant called Six Feet Under on a street called Memorial Drive.  There is a cemetery to the right in the photograph where, if you look really hard or just happen to be familiar with this area, you can see tombstones.  This is making the rounds on the Internet as an obvious foretelling of Walker’s death just a few weeks before it happened.

Let’s start breaking this one down, shall we?  First of all, the restaurant is by a cemetery.  They named it Six Feet Under because it is by a cemetery.  The street is probably called Memorial Drive because it has a cemetery on it.  This is not eerie or foreboding, it is simply the name of the street and the name of the restaurant.  The image includes nothing that makes you think in retrospect that Walker was a marked man and that his time was running out.  Keep in mind that anyone that took a picture at this location would have all of the same features in their photograph.  Now, if we can start constructing a reality where everyone that takes a picture in this spot dies a few weeks later, we might be on to something.  It’s hard to imagine that would be good for repeat business for the restaurant.

Paul Walker’s death was tragic, and we certainly understand a certain level of fascination.  But this “eerie” photograph is nothing but sensationalized article titles designed to get people to click on an article that otherwise would have flown under their radar.

And it’s working.