More ISIS Warnings — Obama Presidency May Be Judged on What He Didn’t Do, Not What He Did

We are just a couple of months away from an election.  It is not a presidential election this time, but it is a critical moment in the world of American politics.  If the Republicans can rally their base and take a handful of seats away from Democrats, they can gain control of both houses of Congress.  This would render President Barack Obama’s final two years in office even more useless than they already are, as well as demonstrating that perhaps Americans as a whole believe that Obama and his policies have run their course and perhaps change is in order once again.

Obama-and-ISIS-GOLFIt is for this reason that we see a very hesitant President Obama stonewall about acting on a variety of issues.  Up until just recently, they were issues that were of great consequence, but not urgent, emergency consequence.  Sure, Russia has made a mockery of Obama, but it’s unlikely that a full-scale war is on the way between the United States and Russia, regardless of how wacky either of the leaders get with the situation.   The “border crisis” that the Republicans are harping on has actually been going on for years and years.  There is no bigger a problem now than there was yesterday or the week before that.  So, if Obama is afraid to make a move on immigration, it probably won’t matter that much.  It can wait until after the election.  It’s waited for decades already.

It’s nothing new in politics for an election cycle to cause a major delay in policymaking.  In the last presidential election, we saw a massive coverup surrounding the Benghazi situation so it could not come out in all its ugliness until election night had come and gone.  It’s not limited to the current administration either.  Presidents were stonewalling to get past an election as long as our current system has been in place.  The current situation, however, is one of those that does fall in the urgent, emergency category.  And President Obama just doesn’t seem to get it.

Today, even Democrats are coming out from under their election cycle rocks and criticizing the President for his seeming indifference to the quick expansion of ISIS and what it might mean for America.  Texas governor (and recent indictee) Rick Perry has already said publicly that there is a chance that members of this ISIS organization snuck into the United States before their organization really rose to fame.  Yesterday, Saudi Arabia publicly state that the United States’ failure to act could directly cost them the lives of American citizens because ISIS is on the move, and if they aren’t already here, they will certainly be here soon.  Meanwhile, Islamic militants actually took over a United States embassy in Libya this morning.  Obama’s response has been the usual.  Don’t think you will be seeing him heading straight out to the golf course, but his rhetoric has not changed.

The bottom line is that the presidency of Barack Obama might be judged in the eyes of history by what he did not do, not what he did.  Right now he wants desperately to somehow ignore ISIS and hope that it will go away.  Meanwhile, ISIS is devouring flesh like a cancer, spreading like wildfire and gathering strength.  He wants to sneak by the election and then reconsider the situation then.  He doesn’t want to act now, and he is terrified to make any move because if he’s wrong, he knows it might cost him the Senate.  In the meantime, he is financing this with the lives of Americans right here in our homeland.

Conspiracy circles have their own ideas for why Obama won’t make a move.  Some insist that President Obama is a Muslim and is actually playing us from the inside.  That is unlikely at best, but at least it would be a better reason for what he is doing instead of typical politics.

If ISIS is in America, and they do stage some sort of attack on American soil to the level of September 11, 2001 or beyond, President Obama’s unwillingness to make a move will be looked at as one of the biggest political gaffes in the history of the country.  It’s a turning point.  ISIS cannot be blamed on George W. Bush; it did not exist.  If it had, right or wrong, we can make a reasonable assumption that Bush would have already attacked it with little doubt.  ISIS is Obama’s problem.  It was created and has flourished on his watch, and it will be his watch that gets the blame for it and whatever it does going forward.  Even the military commanders in America are insisting that we must take ISIS out before it gets any more powerful.  Several Islamic states are asking for the United States to act.  That’s right.  Look at Saudi Arabia.  They want the United States to do something because they are afraid of ISIS and what it means for the region.  As Obama continues to punt the ball back to the opposition, he is just losing more and more face, and unfortunately, that is also the face of America the country as a whole.

It’s time to make a move, Mr. President.  If you would stand by and watch ISIS march, then go all the way with it.  Don’t show up on November 10th wanting to wipe ISIS off the planet.  The evidence is in.  We already know all that we need to know.  We already have international support.  So, it’s not about anything but politics, now.  If you are going to stand with ISIS now, then stand with them forevermore.  If not, then there is no time like the present.  Don’t wait for the clouds of smoke pillowing out of another American building because you didn’t make a move.

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  1. Doesn’t it seem coincidental that the problems of Islamic terrorism, and Russia on the prowl seem to be magnified as we approach the U.S. midterm elections.

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