Meet Michael Brown — The New Trayvon Martin — Riots in Missouri Add More Racial Unrest to President Obama’s Legacy

Meet Michael Brown.  An 18-year-old black kid shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.  He’s the new Trayvon Martin.  You know, like Orange is the New Black.  Michael is the new Trayvon.

michael brown

Say hello to Michael.  He's the new Trayvon.  You are going to be hearing about him for a while.
Say hello to Michael. He’s the new Trayvon. You are going to be hearing about him for a while.

The FBI is already stepping in and starting an investigation.  Apparently a couple of eyewitnesses say that a police officer shot the kid even though he had put his hands up and was going to surrender.  Neither the police nor the eyewitnesses want to tell a lot about what led up to that point, but that’s pretty typical.  There’s not a lot of sense in talking details if they don’t help your case.

In a particularly sinister move, the white police officer apparently not only shot Michael Brown while his hands were up, but he also stood over him and fired at least one or more shots to make sure he finished the job.

African Americans in Missouri responded by burning buildings and looting in the streets in a riot.  Because that is what you do when one person of another race has wronged you.  You riot and randomly vandalize and attack other people, because that makes sense.

Has anyone ever thought about how senseless that is?  If this story is true, then what happened to Michael Brown is the most terrible story I have ever heard, and that police officer should be put on the quickest trial ever for murder, hopefully with a swift execution waiting for him.  However, even if the story is true, why do African Americans think that rioting in the streets, burning buildings, committing acts of violence against innocent people that have absolutely nothing to do with the incident they are mad about, and taking whatever they want from residences and businesses is some sort of equal response to such an event?

It’s not.  Imagine if white people rioted in the streets, burnt black people’s houses to the ground, and looted every time an African American committed a crime against a white person.  Why do white people not riot in the streets when one person of another race wrongs them?  Why has there never been a good white riot?

Michael Brown was an 18-year-old kid being chased by the cops.  He may have been murdered in cold blood, but we don’t have quite enough information yet.  So, we should probably riot in the streets anyway.  Screw a trial.  Screw waiting to see what is going to happen to anyone involved.  Let’s riot in the streets.  Let’s loot.

Could it be that maybe you were just waiting for a reason to execute random acts of violence and loot?  Could that be it?

If the concept behind racial rioting makes sense, then white people should still be burning the entire nation to the ground for the O.J. Simpson trial.

But that would just be racist, wouldn’t it?