Many Question Official Story from Police From Supposed Fireworks Set Off at West Alabama State Fair — Gunshots?

The West Alabama State Fair held in Sokol Park in the town of Northport, AL was interrupted by what many believed to be gunshots Saturday night.  As you might imagine, people reacted by making a mob run at the exits.  However, police have vehemently denied the reports of gunshots, saying that instead someone set off fireworks in trash cans, causing the illusion of gunshots and mass panic.  Not only did the fair reopen quickly, but it is now offering free admission the next day to try to regain attendance after the incident.

People on the ground in Northport are telling a much different story, however.  There are literally dozens of accounts of the incident making their way on social media, and many are questioning the official story being given.  The police gave the story and local newspaper The Tuscaloosa News is reporting it as if the police story were fact.  There is no mention in local news stories of the possibility that the police aren’t telling the whole story.

String together a narrative from several eyewitness accounts, it appears that a couple of girls were in a dispute around the time of the shootings.  Nearly everyone’s account agrees that gunfire erupted.  The fight apparently had escalated to a very violent state leading up to the first gunshot.  Many eyewitness accounts indicate that there was no trash can anywhere near the incident, which police say is the method by which the fireworks were set off.  Some even observed people returning later to pick up the shells.  What’s more, many have went on to say that fireworks did go off later, but this was several minutes after the incident and didn’t have anything to do with the mobs seeking the exits.

The real question is why would the police there on the scene in Northport be covering up a shooting?  As far as anyone knows, no one was killed or injured.  Instead of covering it up, it seems it would have been just as advantageous to give the details of the incident, blame it on the guilty parties, and remind everyone that it was an isolated incident and no reason to not enjoy the fair.  However, now there is so much doubt about the incident that it is probably backfiring on them, causing even more people to wonder what exactly is going on in Sokol Park.

Do you have any information or an eyewitness account of the incident at the West Alabama State Fair?  Contact us with the menu above or post in the comments.  We want to hear your story.

One eyewitness account contradicting the official story.
One eyewitness account contradicting the official story.

2 thoughts on “Many Question Official Story from Police From Supposed Fireworks Set Off at West Alabama State Fair — Gunshots?”

  1. The West Alabama State Fair, the United Cerebral Palsy of West Alabama is basically calling all those that have commented on this situation liars, they are trying to cover this up in hopes of making another dollar, WHAT would be their statement had a child got shot? Do they need a body to own up to this? And their retraction is FREE ADMISSION, not even 12 hours after people were TRAMPLED and TRAUMATIZED, that is the lamest excuse you could give. I personally think that it needs to be shut down or have our fabulous law enforcement do their jobs and check each individual that comes through the gates, they have all this stuff in place everywhere else across the country, why not somewhere as a place like the fair, but wait….we might just be profiling someone, damn straight, keep the thugs, gang bangers and wannabes out, let them go somewhere else and kill each other.

  2. My family & I was at the cotton candy stand which is right beside where the fight started. I can tell you when the fight started a lot of people started standing around the two girls. I heard someone say gun then all we heard was a shot. Their was no trash can close too them at all. Then after the shot everyone started to run, the police was not around because the guy that worked at the cotton candy stand where I was standing to get my 3 year old a drink called it in that a fight had just broke out then called in a gun shot. Due keep in mind I was right there with my 3 year old. After I got my husband, small child & sister to take cover by the stand. We stared to leave when everyone started running trying to get out of their. I saw a man standing by a police saying what is going on & the cop was standing their telling him that he didn’t know best thing to do is leave. I can’t believe they are trying to say it was firecrackers because we know the difference between a firecracker and a gun shot. I’ll never go back because seeing everyone take cover & all the children scared and crying was crazy. Their was not enough police out their for that many people. I’ll never ever take my son back. Some incessant children, baby, adult, could have been hurt or possible died from this.

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