Iraq’s Act III — New Bombings Signal Another War on Shaky Pretenses

For the last eight years and most of the election cycle before President Barack Obama was elected to the most powerful position in the world, Democrats and opponents of the George W. Bush administration used the same battle cry over and over again.  A war started on false pretenses.  Where are the weapons of mass destruction?  Wars on a credit card!  Wars for no reason!

Over the last few days, President Barack Obama started bombing targets in Iraq, opening up Act III of America’s Iraq war saga.  This is of course after impressing his political party by supposedly ending the war, which is now proven to be nothing more than a hiatus.  But does it really make sense?  Is there really that much difference between what President Obama is doing and what his predecessor did in the first place?

Not at all.  Most Americans have absolutely no idea who we are fighting at this time.  We are launching strikes to get “the terrorists.”  We don’t know what organization these terrorists come from.  Is it ISIS?  Al-Qaida?  At least when you roll in and take over a country, false pretenses or not, there seems to be some goal.  President Obama’s current operation seems pointless from beginning to end.  There is absolutely no way to measure success, and there is no way to measure how much damage is being done long-term.  On top of that, we are also once again showing our tender side by dropping humanitarian aid packages for those Iraqis that are being starved to death.

Think about that for a second.  Iraqis hear jets approaching.  For the last decade, they have watched their homeland torn apart by bombing strikes.  Once again, they are being bombed.  But some of them are food.  Some of them are bombs.  It’s the most terrible game anyone ever heard of.  They don’t know whether to be happy or hide under the bed.  It’s a microcosm of America, right there.  Are we the good guys?  Are we the bad guys?  We don’t even seem to know ourselves.

Will this latest affair set up another full-scale conflict?  It’s hard to say, but with the situation in Israel continuing to heat up and the ever-present threat of Russia defying the international community and taking over Ukraine wholesale, there was already probably enough to worry about in the Middle East.  Now we are trying to save some Iraqis from the other Iraqis in a country that was so “stable” that our President decided we no longer needed a presence there.

And what really sucks is for the next eight years, we’ll hear the same absurd crap from the other side of the political aisle.  President Obama started another war in Iraq on false pretenses.  A war on a credit card.

On the bright side, it is a pretty big moment for Obama to actually do something about anything.  Unfortunately, he seems hell-bent to do something about the one thing we probably should have turned our back on.  It’s not that what is going on in Iraq is right, but is there really anything the United States is going to do and come out looking good?  We created the mess is what many around the world will say, and they may be right.  But cleaning it up with more bombs is not impressing the court of international public opinion either.

Don’t worry, a new president will be elected in 2016.  And nothing will change.  Get ready for more of the same.  Because the American people have accepted this as the new normal, at least thus far.  How much more of it will they take?

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  1. Take a look at a map. In the northern section of Iraq lies billions of barrels of oil, exactly the region where the recent crisis is unfolding.

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