Ferguson, Missouri’s Militarization is to be Commonplace in the New World Order — Operation Urban Shield

If you were wondering why the local police in a town like Ferguson, Missouri are so well-prepared for riots with tear gas, rubber bullets, and full-on military equipment, you’re not alone.  A lot of people probably don’t believe that their average local police department is ready to enforce martial law at a moment’s notice.  Think again, though.  Operation Urban Shield has been going on for quite a while, and local police departments all over the United States have actually trained extensively with foreign agencies and militaries in a worldwide movement to make local police and security agencies ready for martial law.  The situation in Ferguson is a textbook example of just how ready they are.

President Barack Obama winced at the effectiveness of the riot police, and even acknowledged Operation Urban Shield in his comments.  He said that perhaps the government should take a second look at how much money and resources are spent to make sure police agencies all over America have all of these weapons to use against the people.  That’s rubbish, however.  While it might make President Obama look like he gives a rip for a minute or two, there is no chance of that changing.  Local police agencies will be the first line of defense and aggression in the New World Order scenarios, and riot gear and weaponry is here to stay.  Incidents like Ferguson are like scrimmages where they finally get to try out all of their toys.  This story from Russia Today spotlights Operation Urban Shield and how what is happening in Ferguson is exactly what they want to happen.