Darren Wilson’s Side of the Story Makes Sense — But No One Cares

Before the first rioter started doing whatever that is all about, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson actually told his side of the story to a woman who relayed the story to a local radio station. It made it all the way to CNN where it was read on the air once and quickly dismissed and lies by everyone involved, despite the fact that Wilson’s story actually is consistent with the autopsy report and everything that we’ve heard so far. Of course, no one cares about the other side of the story, because he is a white man, and if he turns out to be on the right side of things, it means that everyone right up to the President of the United States was wrong and a whole lot of people committed a whole lot of crimes for no reason.
Do looters return the items if it turns out they looted in vain?
When toxicology reports show that Michael Brown was hopped up on drugs, will we just dismiss that as irrelevant as well?
Perhaps America should just have a National Riot Day where everyone trashes everything and then we wouldn’t have to wait for dumb reasons to commit felonies in the streets.