Black Police Officer Shoots Unarmed 20-Year-Old White Man — Nobody Cares

Michael Brown was a gentle angel, as we now know from his funeral services.  We’ll never know what Dillon Taylor was.  He’s a 20-year-old white boy that got shot by a black police officer outside a convenience store in Utah very close to the same time as Michael Brown was killed.  Someone was with him, and they say he was unarmed, but police are still investigating the matter.

Hmm, you don’t say?  What could it be that would make the exact same incident except for the races are reversed go unnoticed in the media?   And why aren’t black people rioting in Utah?  After all, it’s not a racial issue, right?  Never was.  It is justice about a bad man that did Michael Brown wrong.  So, because the black people rioting certainly by definition cannot be  racist themselves, they must be organizing right now to riot in Utah for justice for Dillon Taylor.