Are We Seeing a Martial Law Declaration in Ferguson, Missouri?

President Barack Obama weighed in on the events in Ferguson, Missouri by doing what Presidents generally don’t do in such situations: completely taking one side over the other. He made it clear that he believes that 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed by a white police officer who abused his authority. This is kind of messed up if you think about it. The President in one sentence is calling out to the people of Ferguson, Missouri to stop dismantling the town with

Tear gas being exploded on rioters, looters, and some say peaceful protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.
Tear gas being exploded on rioters, looters, and some say peaceful protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

violent rioting and looting, but in the next sentence, he takes a side that will only make them feel more entitled to keep doing what they are doing. Another great example of really knowing how to heal the divisions in America. But could there be more at work here?The situation in Ferguson is now so bad that the governor of Missouri has indicated the Eric Holder and the President that the local police will be removed from power and state authorities will secure Ferguson, Missouri. We assume that means the national guard and other state agencies. With Obama already pledging plenty of federal support, how far are we from a full militarization of the zone around Ferguson, Missouri? With Obama doing little more than stoking the fire with his commentary, it almost seems as if the government wants this situation to spiral even further out of control. Will we see a martial law declaration in Ferguson, Missouri?

Representative John Lewis from Georgia is calling on President Barack Obama to do just that. He wants to see martial law imposed because he says that the police not only are doing a terrible job of keeping control and safeguarding the town, but they are actually stepping on the rights of citizens to peacefully protest. Apparently, not everyone in Ferguson, Missouri is using this event as an opportunity to rape and pillage, and some are gathering peacefully. How Lewis thinks martial law would help this, we can’t even imagine. If martial law is imposed, there will be absolutely no protests, peaceful or otherwise. Him calling for this is just propaganda. He knows that martial law is not an answer. The only thing martial law will guarantee is that the violence stops, at least among civilians and the police. But thinking that martial law is a way to fix citizen’s liberties being stepped on by police and government? That’s the dumbest thing we’ve heard yet.
There is a machine at work here, and it seems that all the moving parts are eagerly pushing for a common goal. What exactly that goal is is hard to say. If martial law is imposed, officially or unofficially, it could be have many effects on the situation. Imagine if the military executes a black person. This could cause unrest across the entire nation, not just in an obscure town in Missouri. If the military executed a white person, of course, nothing would happen, because everyone knows that when something like that happens to a white person, the world goes right on without incident.
It is amazing to think how quickly this is becoming a national issue, and it could even have more far-reaching effects on down the road. What if this springboards into a conflict between the people and the government nationwide? With the affairs currently underway in the Middle East and Russia, it would be a great time for someone to make a move while America can’t even keep a little town in Missouri under control. Whatever the situation, rest assured of one thing. They know exactly what they are doing, and this is not an accident. Stay tuned to Common Sense Conspiracy as more information becomes available.

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  1. Yep. They know what they are doing exactly….

    They could make this a White vs Black thingy soon and divert it all and cause a race riot…..

    At this moment…Only Aware, knowledgeable people who know the evil game needs to stay at home and rest should go out and protest which will keep them out of lame stream media Pysh BrainWashing…This is the time..They Introduce “Crisis Actors”

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