Actor and Comedian Robin Williams Dead at 63 — Suicide or Illuminati Involvement?

The news will be filled with speculation about the now confirmed death of actor and comedian Robin Williams at the age of 63.  California authorities have confirmed that he is dead.  He was found to be non-responsive in his home after emergency personnel responded to an emergency call at noon today.   While authorities are not calling it a suicide, there is already rampant speculation on the internet and in the mainstream media.  His publicist has confirmed that Williams was suffering from bad depression of late, and his battles with alcohol and drug addiction are well-known.  He had just recently checked himself into rehab, although he insisted that he had not relapsed but was just defending against the possibility.  This unorthodox action caused many to speculate that he was falling on hard times again.

Right or wrong, when the death of a high-profile celebrity such as Robin Williams occurs, there will be a lot of debates in conspiracy circles.  We are already receiving questions about whether Robin Williams had any involvement with the Illuminati and whether there could be more to the story than what we are hearing at this time.  While we urge our readers to hold out for more information before assuming that this is a suicide or some sort of Illuminati sacrifice murder situation, we have compiled some information about Robin Williams and the Illuminati for you below.   And it may not be what you might think.  For someone as famous and influential as Robin Williams, there is shockingly almost nothing connecting him to the Illuminati except a silly overdramatized video below where he makes the infamous Illuminati hand gesture.  We are not trying to outright say that the Illuminati theory is off the table, but it doesn’t appear to be for the normal reasons if it is. We would also like to point out that Robin Williams had a history of heart disease and had underwent open heart surgery in the past.  It is not totally unbelievable that he could have simply died of natural causes.  However, the way the police and specifically his publicist are talking does seem like we are going to see this be called a suicide later on.   Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to monitor the situation as more information becomes available.

7 thoughts on “Actor and Comedian Robin Williams Dead at 63 — Suicide or Illuminati Involvement?”

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  2. im not sure how your reseach concluded only 1 video.. a quick google Images search of ‘Robin Williams illuminiti” shows TONS of different pics of Robin Williams doing the ‘ok/666’ sign, devil horns..etc I found alot more on his connection to the illuminiti than just One video. hopefully people do their own research instead of reading your article and believing there’s no evidence of robin williams being part of the illuminiti… Im pretty sure this site is run by the illuminti..Nice try at the cover up :p

    1. seems to me like the illuminati are trying to cover something up, if you do a search robin williams illuminati its all fake posts saying he was killed by illuminati and then mocking people calling them crazy just for researching on their own if their is any connection. why are their so many pro illuminati videos popping up before anyone even posted anything about it being illuminati???? that makes me think their is a connection even more… if you see tons of shill posts you know somethings up.

  3. There is also a picture of him throwing up the baphomet, two fingers together pointing up.

  4. He was clearly project monarch. Many photos of this. He probably wanted out and they won’t let you. It’s like the mafia. I believe he was a victim and he hated what he had become.

    1. I think his project monarch programming was breaking down and he is programmed to kill himself like they all are when they remember things about the programming. Or they just killed him because he didn’t want to be a part of the evil . People are saying he became a Christian in rehab. I hope so. I liked him.

  5. I think we re taking this Illuminati thing too far. Robert is dead, whether he was gay or not, Pjct-M or Pjct-MKU is not material, what matters here is he died from strangulation with either a belt or a leather strap, which may or may not be ruled suicide. Those who claim cover up should show proof period. And if he didn’t hang himself then its murder! No need to start accusing ppl we don’t know.

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