A Married Woman is Stoned to Death in Syria for Adultery — Meanwhile We Bomb Iraq Militants

This brings a whole new concept to the term "black widow."
This brings a whole new concept to the term “black widow.”

It’s a story that has captured America and the world’s heart.  In the nation of Syria, one that you might remember is one of the infamous lines in the sand that President Barack Obama drew and then backed off from, a woman has been stoned to death for not being a virgin and committing the act of adultery.  She was married to a man (the only way you can be married in Syria incidentally), but her husband passed away leaving her a widow.  She then apparently fornicated with someone else, leading to her untimely and gruesome demise.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has authorized military strikes against an unseen, unnamed foe in Iraq for reasons not exactly nailed down at this time.  But it’s going well, he says, and they think they might have got some of them.

What’s wrong with this world?