Will Obama’s Latest Executive Order Force Christian Churches to Hire a Gay Minister?

President Barack Obama is making waves again with a couple new executive orders that are designed to disallow discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation and a new one, gender identity.  If you are wondering what gender identity means, we can understand.  Current orders instituted by Lyndon Johnson and amended by Bill Clinton already prohibit employment discrimination based on sex.  That meant that you can’t just ignore all the female applications for a job just because you wanted a male.  And vice versa, although the opposite almost never comes into play.  So what the hell is gender identity?

And the Lord Obama said "Let there be gay preachers."  Wait a minute!
And the Lord Obama said “Let there be gay preachers.” Wait a minute!

Gender identity is referring to those of us that are one sex physically but identify as another sex mentally.  There has been plenty of commotion about this in recent years, with several incidents of boys that want to be girls being upset because they can’t go in the girls’ restroom with the other girls and so on and so forth.  Basically, President Obama is now prohibiting employers from refusing to consider someone’s application because they happen to like to masquerade as the opposite sex.  How an employer would know such a thing from an application is hard to say?  Certainly, at the interview phase, they will probably suspect that their “boy” is not as male as they might have thought.  So, in another silly law that no one knows how to enforce, the employer must either hire that person regardless of their other qualifications or face the hard, cold facts that someone might accuse them of not hiring that person because of their gender identity.

Pretty soon, there will probably be an executive order prohibiting employers from discriminating against job applicants because of their personal references, work history, or education.  As a matter of fact, it might be easier if the government just did personality profiles and assigned us all jobs right out of the gate.  In the least-Communist kind of way possible, of course.

Some people in conspiracy circles are wondering what this means for Christians.  What if your church is looking to hire a minister?  Does this mean you now have to consider a homosexual minister?  Could you be accused of discrimination if you don’t?  Are we about to see a rush of transgender Christian ministers all over the nation’s churches?

Don’t worry Christian friends.  Your buddy George W. Bush has your back.  He amended these things to make sure that religious institutions were not required to follow these laws when it obviously goes against their religious doctrine.  And your even better friend, Muslim Barack Obama, left all of those exemptions intact.  So, Christian churches (or any other church for that matter) do not have to worry about being forced to consider gay or transgender ministers anytime soon, thanks to Barack and W.

Does that make you feel better?  I hope so.  It’s law now.

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