Why Obama Impeachment Talk is Just Silly — and Why Democrats Will Soon Forget the President’s Name

It was national news today because Texas governor Rick Perry refused to meet the President at an airport in Texas.  His reasons:  he wanted a more substantial meeting to discuss the “border crisis.”  Now, Sarah Palin is piling on as well, demanding that Congress impeach President Barack Obama on his mishandling of the border “crisis” and various other things, like executive orders and “lawlessness.”

impeach obamaIf you are a Democrat, you are probably laughing and saying “Those crazy Republicans are at it again.”  You’re right.  There is a better chance of President Barack Obama declaring himself permanent dictator of America than him being impeached by Congress.  Actually, there’s a much better chance.  In any case, President Obama isn’t going anywhere.  But there’s no reason any Democrat should be shaking their head and laughing.  Why?  Because if you flash back just six or seven years ago, it was the Democrats anxiously calling for President George W. Bush’s head.  He was to be impeached for all sorts of political concoctions, right up to and including war crimes!

Like everything in America, it’s just a bullshit cycle.  The Republicans are doing it now.  The Democrats did it before.  Whoever wins this next election, you can bet somewhere along the line someone on the other side will be calling for his or her impeachment.

Even if there was a snowball’s chance in hell that President Obama could be impeached, we all learned from a previous Democratic President that it doesn’t matter.  President Bill Clinton was impeached for outright lying to the American people.  The House of Representatives went along with it.  The Senate did not.  Consider another thing for a moment.  What if in November the Republicans win a supermajority and capture both the Senate and the House at the same time for the last two years of President Obama’s lamest-of-all-lame-ducks final term?  Surely they could impeach him then.

Guess again?  You know why they wouldn’t dare impeach him.  It has nothing to do with the law, the Constitution, or any such things.  America quit adhering to those long ago, and in fact, we’re not all that far from the day when the American government outright denounces them as out of date and no longer valid.  They are conducting themselves under that assessment already.  The real reason a supermajority Republican-dominated Congress still wouldn’t dare impeach President Obama:  because it would open up the possibility to the same being done in the future.

They like to talk about it.  They like to scream about it, actually.  They like to throw it out there, especially in election years.  And when we say “they” we mean all of them.  Republicans, Democrats, all the members of America’s ONE-PARTY system participate in this little game where there are no winners and no losers, except of course for the American people.  But they will never actually follow through in any meaningful way on this.  President Obama has done some questionable things, but he has done no more questionable things than his recent predecessors.  In the end, the Democrats didn’t impeach Bush and the Republicans aren’t going to impeach Obama.  What they will do is waste time talking about it while they full well know they can’t or won’t do any such thing.  While that is going on, our country continues to suffer from a political system that has the American people’s interests absolutely last in their chain of thought.

One last thing…this concept that the media is pitching that there is a “border crisis”… That “border crisis” is not an emergency that just sprung up this week.  It has been going on for decades.  Remember the “social security crisis” back when Bush and Gore were duking it out years ago.  Nothing was ever done about the fact that the system is going to cold and admittedly run out of money.  But for one month of one election cycle, it was hot news.  This “border crisis” is the same way.  It will run its course and then you won’t hear about it again.  Meanwhile, the illegals will keep streaming in like hotcakes, don’t worry.

While it may be very true that Obama is doing little or nothing to fix this problem, to even imply that he should be impeached for it is ridiculous without a whole host of retroactive impeachments for many other U.S. Presidents.