President Obama Announces New Sanctions Against Russia — Nobody Cares, Including Putin

In what has become the most lopsided international pissing contest of all time, President Barack Obama attempted to save face on Tuesday by holding a live news conference to announce even more damaging economic sanctions against Russia for their involvement in Ukraine up to and including the downing of Malaysian Airline Flight MH17.

And the world’s response…


I'm coming for you, Putin!  At least, your friend's second cousin's gardener's checkbook!  That'll teach you!
I’m coming for you, Putin! At least, your friend’s second cousin’s gardener’s checkbook! That’ll teach you!

Much like previous attempts by Obama to show that he is somehow in control of this runaway train conducted by Vladimir Putin, no one gave a flying flip about Obama’s latest act, and that includes the one it is designed to hurt the most which is Putin himself.  Putin has been testing the waters and what he has found is that President Obama and the United States of America have no intentions of taking any sort of military action in Russia, Ukraine, or anywhere in the universe as we know it.  For this reason and more, Putin knows the clock is ticking and for at least the next two years, he has absolute free reign to do whatever he pleases.

America has spent quite a while trying to get everyone to accept that Russia is a big bad bully.  The heat got really turned up after the downing of Flight MH17 which American authorities say was at least backed by Russia if Putin’s forces didn’t pull the trigger themselves.  Then, as international opinion waned, Obama took to a flurry of accusations, culminating in yesterday when he is now accusing Russia of breaking a nuclear treaty from the 1980s.

obama putinIt really is making a lot of people in conspiracy circles wonder what really happened here.  Many believed when MH17 went down that it may be a false flag.  The idea was that America, not Russia, downed the flight just so they could blame it on Russia and instigate the situation further.  If that were the case, however, President Barack Obama apparently didn’t get the memo, because his actions definitely didn’t require a false flag operation.  Did Russia really shoot down MH17?  Or did the CIA carefully construct a false flag to get us more involved and to put some dirt on Russia, but Obama is refusing to dip into the waters as much as they hoped?

It’s fascinating if this is the case.  We have a President openly not cooperating with the hidden agenda.  That has happened before, and we don’t have to tell you how that ended.  However, the President could be doing exactly what they want him to do.  It’s hard to say, and all of this is limited to the world of conjecture, because as always, the truth is very much hidden from the public view.