Lois Lerner Warns IRS to Be Cautious With Emails — In an Email

Many in the conservative ranks are calling for Lois Lerner to be actually arrested for her role in what seems to be a pretty clear case of disposing of some emails that were pretty damning evidence in a federal investigation.  While it’s safe to say that you or I would already have been booked if we even came anywhere near this kind of perjury and evidence tampering with the Feds, it’s equally safe to say that Lerner will probably never see the inside of a cell, or even a nice bunk at a Club Fed minimum security facility.

Why is that?  Because like President Barack Obama and most of our other high-ranking political figures, Lerner is above the law.  That is something that Americans still don’t seem to understand.  Barack Obama is above the law.  John Boehner is above the law.  Lerner is as well.  They can do pretty much anything they please, and while they may have their names drug through the mud as political targets, they never have to worry about the long arm of the law.  The law simply doesn’t apply to them.  Now we can debate all day long whether that is the way it should be, but Americans on both perceived sides of the one-party-masquerading-as-two-party political system need to grasp that regardless of right and wrong, that’s the way it is at this point.

That being said it is nice to see that Lerner is not quite the criminal mastermind she thought she was.  While she did a great job of getting rid of those damning, incriminating emails, she did forget one that is now coming back to bite her in the a*$.  In an email now made public due to a Freedom of Information lawsuit, Lerner cautions her staff to watch what they say in emails because there have been instances in the past where Congress has sought them.  She then inquired about the IRS’s instant messaging system and whether there was any record of these conversations.  She was quite relieved to find out that using the messaging system left no trail unless someone purposely recorded the message by saving it on their computer.  Since they are all in cahoots together, there’s no reason anyone should be doing that.

So, in recap, Lerner cautioned her staff to watch what they say in their emails by using an email.  In the ultimate twist of poetic justice and bitter irony, that email that cautioned the others to refrain from discussing incriminating things in email is the very one that is now being ridiculed and picked apart in our nation’s capital.

When it’s all said and done, what we see is that Lerner is actually quite dumb.  We would like to say that this will be her undoing, and yes, she might lose her post over this or have to find a new seven figure job after all this is over, but jail?  No way.  What’s even more depressing about it is that half of the country that subscribes to the Democratic system and actually believes they are in opposition to the other side probably applauds what Lerner was doing.  Anything they can do to hold down the Republicans is worthwhile, after all.  That’s a big problem in America right now.  It’s a perception that one side is right and the other is wrong, all the while missing the big picture that both parties are actually part of the same machine with the same intention.  And none of those intentions are good.

There are so many Hollywood stories about diplomatic immunity.  This is the concept that foreign diplomats are above the law in order to not damage the relationship with the other country.  Well, in America, diplomatic immunity is nothing to be concerned with.  We have a much wider problem called political immunity, and it is snaking its way into every corner of our society.

In closing, listen to the link below where IT experts called into a radio show to discuss why it is absolutely impossible to lose emails in this day and age altogether.  Congress knows this, the President knows this, and Lois Lerner knows this.  Nothing was lost.  This is a coverup.  They are spending our taxpayer dollars sitting there on the Hill debating a fictional and in fact, impossible event.