Iggy Azalea Takes the World By Storm — Illuminati or the Anti-Illuminati?

Iggy Azalea is a white rapper from Australia that is causing major waves in the music business.  While her rise to fame has been amazing, not everyone is sure just where she stands in the ever-present Illuminati accusations.  There is a fair amount of press indicating that Azalea is trying to defy the Illuminati even as others dissect her videos to find clues that she did indeed sell out to get where she is at today.  What do you think?  Is Iggy the Illuminati’s latest princess, or just a flash in the pan?  And what do you make of her own story about how the Illuminati wanted her to “dumb down” her music and performances?

So there you have it folks. One Internet source says Iggy Azalea is defying the Illuminati, and one says she is engaging in demon worship.

Who are you gonna believe?