“Glee” Star Becca Tobin’s Boyfriend Found Dead — “Glee” Illuminati Curse

Just last year Corey Monteith died of a drug overdose, the first star of the ensemble hit show Glee to fall victim to what some or now considering to be a curse.  Today, the plot thickened when another star of the show Becca Tobin’s boyfriend was found dead in a hotel room in Philadelphia.

becca-tobinIt’s the usual story in situations like these so far.  The 35-year-old nightclub owner was found dead and the police say that there is no indication of foul play so far.  They also haven’t revealed any information on whether Becca was around when it happened and whether drugs played any role in Matt Bendik’s death.  They did reveal that his body was discovered by a maid around 1:00 P.M. today.

Naturally, when something like this happens, we get a lot of questions about Illuminati involvement.  There is a school of thought that not all Illuminati-related deaths have to actually be the person.  There have been instances where it has been theorized that the Illuminati has used people close to the person as a sacrifice of sorts.  Often this is a situation where they still have some predetermined use for a person so they want to get their attention but can’t afford to actually lose the person.  Whether there’s any truth to that is mostly up to the eye of the beholder, but when something like this happens around a popular television program with the events in such close proximity to each other time-wise, you can bet there will be lots of speculation.  In the meantime, check out this video which examines the actual show Glee and the possibilities that it is an Illuminati device in and of itself.