Democrats Try to Overturn Hobby Lobby Decision — Is Hobby Lobby the Democrats’ ObamaCare?

There are several movements on the horizon by Democrats trying to reverse or alter the Supreme Court’s decision about the now infamous “Hobby Lobby” case where the highest court in the land found that businesses could refuse to provide contraceptives through health insurance for their employees if it violated their religious principles.  The mainstream media has ramped things up too.  You can’t turn on any mainstream media source without seeing a devastating article about all of the horrible things that this is going to open up.  People claiming to worship their dogs to get out of cooperating with ObamaCare.  People killing their children and getting away with it because it’s based on their religious principles (there’s a story in the Bible that frequently gets thrown in this outlandish theory).

clownsThe truth of the matter is it doesn’t make a lot of sense why the government would make all these requirements for everyone to go along with and then start issuing exemptions.  If there has to be exemptions, then you are already full-on acknowledging that the law was not right to begin with.  There should never be an exemption to any law, and once you open that worm can, you end up with monstrosities like our tax code.  Exemptions start the slippery slope.  However, the Democrats are fighting an interesting battle.  Let’s just look at the hypocrisy for a moment.

Remember ObamaCare?  When the controversial health care “reform” bill reached the highest court in the land, Democrats were nervous.  It took a last second rebranding of the entire law to get it past the Constitution test, but it made it.  So as soon as the gavel landed, what did the Democrats say?

“Justice is done.  The Supreme Court has spoken.  This is the final word.  ObamaCare is law and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it.”

Yet now, that same Supreme Court has spoken once again.  Only now, Democrats don’t feel that the word should be final.  Hmm.  Changed your tune.

That’s just one.  Here’s another one.

Democrats generally support the alteration of the laws in the United States to allow people of the same sex to get married.  Notice we did not say marriage equality.  That’s because that is a term misused by the media.  Marriage equality already exists.  Every person in America has an equal right to marry someone of the opposite sex.  They also are equally prohibited from the opposite.  That is the very definition of marriage equality, and when the media uses that term to try to stoke bad feelings, we think it’s kind of funny because they are actually siding with the wrong side with that terminology.  In reality, they are pushing to change the law so that we ALL gain the right to marry someone of either sex as we see fit.  Every straight man in America will gain the right to marry another man if gay marriage is eventually installed.  Then, marriage equality will still exist, because both sides will still have exactly the same rights (once again, the definition of equality).  Now, most straight men will not consider this to be a very useful right, but it will be the same.  It is obvious that most gay men don’t consider the ability to marry a female very useful either.

But getting back to the point, Democrats support this.  Republicans vehemently oppose it.  One of their arguments is the slippery slope.  If you legalize gay marriage, what is next?  People marrying animals.  Multiple wives and husbands.  The Democrats will tell you real fast that that is a bunch of bologna, but what are they arguing about Hobby Lobby?  That it opens up all of these possibilities for people to do all of these things.  Hmm.

Common Sense Conspiracy actually supports the idea that the Supreme Court is the last word.  Not because we always agree with it, but there has to be a last word, and in this imperfect system, this is as good as it gets.  So why can’t Democrats and Republicans both recognize it as such when rulings are handing down?  And why must each party directly contradict itself when the ball doesn’t bounce the way that it wanted it to?

Wow!  It almost seems as if there is a carefully-guarded dynamic where both parties tussle against each other just enough to keep everything perfectly divided.

But that’s crazy talk isn’t it?  Let’s get back to real political issues…like who people want to marry or whether your insurance company should pay for your birth control.

What have we got ourselves into?