Common Sense Conspiracy Alive and Well After Hacking Attack

Our loyal readers have no doubt noticed some problems with Common Sense Conspiracy the last few weeks.  A series of very complex hacking attacks rendered our website almost useless, and therefore, we have been unable to contribute many posts to the site during this troubling time.  Fortunately, we are nervously ready to announce that the hackers have been defeated for now and the site has been returned to health.  So, we are excited to reallocate our resources away from fighting hackers and back to posting the stories that you are accustomed to seeing day in and day out at Common Sense Conspiracy.

The hacking attacks employed multiple tactics.  We have endured what is referred to in the biz as a “bot attack.”  This is when a hacking entity bombards the site with so many requests from bots that real people can’t access the site because all of the server’s resources have been used up.  This is a common tactic to shut a site down temporarily.  We have also seen many, many attempts at logging into the site.  At some periods, the hackers would attempt to guess passwords with scripts at a rate of 10 or more times per minute.  Fortunately, these attempts failed and our site was never compromised internally.  This is very fortunate because the damage could have been much more severe or our site could have been injected with trojan scripts to actually do things for the hackers in the future.  None of these things happened.

When all is said and done, we have learned an awful lot of things about website security from these experiences, and you can rest assured that there have been many steps taken to help defend against a repeat of this situation in the future.  A natural question to ask is who do we suspect might be behind the hacking attempts?  Well, we have no evidence to present, and these types of attacks are quite common through the Internet world.  It could be a testament to the popularity of our site that we were targeted.  It could be random and somewhat harmless.  But it would be impossible to ignore the possibility that one of our competitors might have orchestrated these attacks to tilt the playing field their way for a time.  These things do affect a lot of our operations.  A lot of our exposure comes through search engine traffic initially, and these attacks caused us to fall in these rankings.  It will take time to build things up to where we were before this happened, so if a competitor did put this into motion, you can see how it might benefit them for some time to come.  There is also the chance that this was even more sinister.  It could have been an attempt to silence us from some organization, even the government.  We find this difficult to believe, however, because if the government had a problem with what the CSC has to say, we figure they wouldn’t have to go to all this trouble to make sure we were never heard from again.

Whoever the culprit is, they did not succeed in silencing us forever.  Common Sense Conspiracy is alive and well, and we look forward to reclaiming our space as your number one source for alternative news.  Thanks to everyone for sticking with us, and look forward to a major resurgence over the next couple of days.