Another Malaysia Airlines Jet Goes Down in Ukraine — Shot Down But By Who?

It has now been confirmed by multiple sources (including the airline itself) that yet another Boeing 777 from Malaysian Airlines has went down under mysterious circumstances.   It is now assumed that all 295 passengers on board are dead and the flight is confirmed down in Ukraine Jay some 50 kilometers from the ever controversial Ukraine-Russia border.

While information is trickling in slowly,  the consensus is at this point that the flight was shot down.  Early reports show that the probable weapon used to shoot down the plane is really accessible to all sides in Ukraine.  Russia, Ukraine, and the rebels have all denied involvement.

While it is definitely too early to call this a conspiracy,  if is a classic setup for a false flag person to allow multiple parties internationally to get involved.   If it turns out a number of Americans were on this flight,  it could be the beginning of something huge.  In any case,  two planes going down from the same beleaguered airline under mysterious circumstances in this short amount of time is sure to cause plenty of speculation in conspiracy circles.  Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to monitor the situation as more information becomes available in what could be a world changing event.   The video below shows the crash site in Ukraine from a distance.  No guarantees on how long this video will stay online.