Veteran Marine Arrested for Disagreeing With President Obama on Facebook

Well, we all knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.  The United States government has now turned to using social media as a tool for harassment and entrapment.  This former Marine that fought for our country took to popular social media platform Facebook to voice his discontent with the current running of our government, showing stark differences with the ideology of one President Barack Obama.  Before he knew it, he was sitting in the back of a police car.  He was taken into custody but not charged with any crime.  Instead, he was shipped off to a mental hospital where he received “counseling” on how he should view the world.

Welcome to the new frontier.  We don’t need silly things like warrants.  You don’t actually have to do anything.  Just saying that you disagree with the government on Facebook is grounds to get locked up and means that your government has the right to subject you to a psychiatric evaluation.  This completely overrides multiple parts of the Bill of Rights, the most obvious being the right to freedom of speech and unwarranted searches and seizures.  Oh yeah, and the police are supposed to have to a reason for arresting you.  Detaining you because they feel like it might make them feel real good about themselves, but that definitely violates everything about the Constitution.  Of course, the Constitution is not exactly adhered to these days in our country, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

The video below from Russia Today does a great job of telling this story that you (gasp!) will not find relayed on the mainstream media in the United States.  If a black person’s rights were violated in such a way over drugs or some other such nonsense, it would be fodder for the evening news.  The talking heads would be outraged.  But this is about protesting the government, and the media will look the other way, no matter how outrageous things get.  That’s what they do, and don’t let them fool you by what station you are watching.  Rest assured that Fox News nor CNN will come anywhere near this story, and even if they did, it will be a whole different story than the one you are about to hear below.  There are a lot of people saying that the veteran in question actually threatened to President in his posts and that is why they were so heavy-handed in their approach.  However, a judge has already demonstrated in his rulings that there was no such evidence and no such reason for the police to act as they did.  Except of course that they don’t feel any need or commitment to follow the rule of law.  Anyway, what do you think?  Is Facebook and Twitter now a Constitutional-free zone?  We want to hear your opinions.