“The Revolution Has Begun” Says Las Vegas Shooters As They Open Fire on Police

In Las Vegas, Nevada, yet another shooting has erupted on June 8, 2014.  This time we have multiple gunmen, which of course indicates plenty of premeditation and planning.  The suspects killed two police officers before entering a busy Walmart store and opening fire, killing three more.  That is the tally so far, and we can all hope that it doesn’t get any higher as more details surface.  The two suspects are both reportedly dead, killing themselves inside the Walmart presumably.

crime scene lvThe really chilling part of this story has yet to be confirmed by the mainstream media, but people using scanners and word-of-mouth chatter in both person and social media are reporting that one of the gunmen told the police that “The revolution has begun” before opening fire on the police officers.

This shooting may seem like just another day in America these days, but it is significantly different than other recent shootings.  The incident in California and others were young people that seemed to be pushed over the edge by their environment.  This is a horse of a different color.  These are men that can be even more disturbing in a way because they seem perfectly sane even while being completely insane.  Basically, we are saying that they have a plan and reasons for what they are doing in their own mind.  This is not a full-on psychotic break or pure anger out of control; these are men that wanted to send a message to America.  However, unlike shootings like the Sandy Hook and Isla Vista massacres, this message is not just to Americans, but more specifically, the American government.

Expect that more details will make this latest attack even more sinister.  People that say things and do things like what we are hearing here usually leave more behind.  There will be a manifesto somewhere, a website, a profile, a letter…something that will make its way into the mainstream media’s hands to try to spread whatever message these wackos are after.

You may believe that the government is saddened by this or maybe wants to know how to stop it.  They won’t neither.  These shootings are instilling fear in Americans all over the country, and sooner or later there is going to be a real battle cry for something to be done.  What that something will be is a matter of great debate.  For some, it means a final call to rally the people to give up their guns.  For others, it could mean redefining the way mental illness is diagnosed and handled in our country.  For still others, it could mean something as scary as boots on the streets patrolling our country like we see all too often overseas.  If not, pretty soon when an American wants to commit suicide, they will simply go to the mall.

One thought on ““The Revolution Has Begun” Says Las Vegas Shooters As They Open Fire on Police”

  1. cscadm-
    You are either a dis info agent/agent provocateur-shill for the agenda, OR a neural linguistically programmed, modern American brain washed zombie. These “acts of violence” are planned by T.H.E.M. The Hierarchy Employed By Satan for “their” agenda. These “events” (MK Ultra programing)are Not what you claim they are in your article of bovine excrement.These “events” serve to nullify the 2 amendment and to disarm the American people.

    Your agenda/deception or blindness is plain to see.
    Psalms 11:6
    Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup. T.H.E.M
    Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
    There is no other name under heaven that we might be saved-Jesus.

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