The Difference Between Bearing Arms and Brandishing Them — “Open Carry Rallies” Offend Even the NRA

The NRA is often portrayed in the mainstream media as a bunch of gun-toting rednecks, but even the NRA knows the line in the sand between common sense and going completely overboard.  In Texas, there are actually organizations that organize rallies for open carry gun laws.  Basically, they terrorize businesses and public places by having hundreds of people shows up with all manner of weapons openly carried.  It’s some sort of armed peaceful protest that is supposed to inspire even more lenient laws on the open carry of weapons in Texas.  The NRA is an organization one would automatically assume would be for the rallies, but much to the chagrin of the mainstream media, the NRA actually publicly denounced them, calling the rallies scary and downright weird.

As always, it’s that far wing of extremists that think they are standing up for something but are actually hurting their cause.  Most people that support the right to bear arms just want to keep a gun or two around their household in case someone tries to force entry into their home.  That’s all.  They aren’t planning a George Zimmerman neighborhood cleanup and they don’t expect to carry their guns into the local bank branch.  They just want to have a gun around for protection.  Some people go a little further.  They want to be able to take their gun with them.  Once again, extremism is what makes this a controversial issue.  All of us at one time or another has probably been in a situation away from home where we didn’t feel exactly safe.  Perhaps in the heat of the moment, it might be comforting to have a gun away from home for protection.  However, it’s those people that think they can’t run to the dollar store or go to Wal-Mart without being armed to the teeth that give the whole concept a bad name.

It all boils down to semantics.  The right to bear arms does not mean that there exists a right to brandish them.  If you point a gun at a person, you are clearly breaking the law.  If you threaten to use your gun on said person, you are clearly breaking the law.  But realistically, any person that is open carrying a weapon is brandishing it.  The only reason you could want to open carry a weapon is so that everyone around you knows that you have it.  This is basically protecting yourself by intimidation, although if we really want to be honest here, the truth comes down to that most people carrying a gun on their belt that are not in a field of employment where that makes sense do it because they think it’s “cool” or makes them important, or whatever.  If you want to make the argument that you need a gun on you at all times for protection, that’s fine.  But why does it have to be open for everyone to see?  What purpose does that serve?

Never select a loaf of bread without packing heat.  It just makes sense.
Never select a loaf of bread without packing heat. It just makes sense.

Common Sense Conspiracy can certainly understand people being concerned about their right to bear arms being threatened.  However, common sense is the measuring stick.  Don’t be extreme.  Don’t help the other side by pushing an agenda that doesn’t make sense.  If you really don’t think you can go pump some gas without a gun on your hip and be safe, then you need to move, not buy another gun.

We applaud the NRA for taking a stand here on the side of common sense.  It immediately outraged the mainstream media as they hated to even have to report the NRA’s stance on this issue because it does not match their agenda.  Congrats to the NRA for beating the mainstream media and the government at their own game.