The CIA is Now on Twitter! Guess What Their First Tweet Was!

The Central Intelligence Agency figured that as long as they were siphoning off everyone’s personal information, Tweets, and Facebook postings throughout the Internet, they might as well join in the fun and get a Twitter handle for themselves.  On June 7, 2014, the CIA issued its first Tweet as a member of the unbelievably popular social media platform Twitter.  And as you may have guessed, the first Tweet could not have been more appropriate:

cia tweet

Now that the CIA is on Twitter, I’m sure we can all expect to send them Twitter messages and get honest forthcoming answers about a lot of these things we’ve been wondering about.  How long do you think it will be before the first Twitter user poses a JFK question?  Benghazi?  9/11?  Aliens?  The possibilities are endless, and we are all thankful for the CIA for getting on Twitter to bring us all some closure.