Meet ISIS — Revoked Twitter Account Shows New Extremist Group So Violent That Even Al-Aqaida Is Afraid

The acronym ISIS stands for words that exactly identify the world’s newest dominant terrorism organization’s ultimate goal:  an Islamic state for Iraq and Syria.  The tactics being used by ISIS are not groundbreaking, but they are using them with such frequency and so proud of what they are doing that it stumps even Al-Qaida in its cruelty.  And they are making gains fast.  This is not an organization that has been cranking up with small battles for decades.  This organization sprung from nothing to becoming an international force all in response to the post-war Iraq and the civil war that is raging in Syria.  They just want to make sure that democracy and perhaps more importantly, an American presence and influence is cast out of the Middle East.

Twitter has given ISIS a platform like no terrorist organization has ever had before in history.
Twitter has given ISIS a platform like no terrorist organization has ever had before in history.

It can be disturbing sometimes how our new world of information technology affects things.  After all, the social media platform Twitter was basically used as a platform for ISIS for months to spread their fear and ideology.  It wasn’t until the powerful photos of mass executions and other acts of violence became so prevalent here of late that Twitter pulled their account.

Another troubling thing about ISIS is that while it is currently being labelled as American public enemy #1, it is being funded by donors that are supposedly American allies.  This includes even Kuwait.  Kuwait is, of course, the country that was famously taken over by Saddam Hussein, sparking the first Iraq War.  Now, it appears that Kuwaitis are actually supporting an Islamic state next door.  This shouldn’t be so surprising.  While Kuwait didn’t necessarily want to be dominated by Hussein’s regime, that doesn’t mean they align with American policies and theology either.  And whether every atheist in America likes it or not, in the Middle East, the American government, military, and people are still regarded as a Christian-controlled state.  When they express their dismay for American influence, it is a misidentification that America is a Christian nation.  Or maybe it is.  Maybe it just takes people thousands of miles away across the globe to actually recognize it for what it is.  In any case, no matter how many Americans want to cast religion out of politics and no matter how many governmental policies are passed to endeavor just that, America for the foreseeable future (and quite possibly beyond that) will always be associated with Christianity, which will always be a major roadblock to them being accepted in any way into the Middle East with open arms.

Now, President Obama and the American government are being steadily drawn into yet another Iraq War.  Obama is already making regrettable promises to the American people.  On Sunday, he said that while he is mulling over scenarios for military action, he promises ( a bad word in politics) that he will not send American ground troops back into Iraq.

There’s a word for a promise like that in American politics.  It’s called political suicide.

No more videos in caves, people.  These guys have Twitter and they aren't afraid to show you what they are up to.
No more videos in caves, people. These guys have Twitter and they aren’t afraid to show you what they are up to.

Maybe Obama will stick by this promise, but he makes it on information for what is happening now.  The American people will not forgive him if he changes his mind based on the circumstances a month from now, or a year from now.  And to many Americans not willing to even look into the matter, all they see is another Iraq War.  Another American president fighting the same country that looks like it really doesn’t want to be what America wants it to be.  The average American really doesn’t care what is happening in Iraq, and our government continues to do little to show anyone that doesn’t understand what really is to be gained by going back there again.  The fact that we are considering going back there again demonstrates that nothing was gained the first or second time.  The elimination of Saddam Hussein is the only real accomplishment that anyone can point to out of either of the wars, and sadly enough, the nation of Iraq actually seemed more stable when he was in charge of it.

Some Americans can be really ignorant of what is happening.  Some so-called “experts” in the United States have been praising Twitter for leaving the account active because it allows ISIS to lay out evidence for future crimes against humanities trials.  Those trials will never happen.  They don’t even know who the leader of ISIS is, and there may not be one.  This is a movement.  A movement that uses terrible, violent means to push forward its agenda, but it’s still a movement.  There will be no trials.  There will be no justice for the victims.  The only question is whether it will succeed, or like most movements, make a big splash but ultimately fade away as the goals become watered down and everyone forgets what they are fighting for.  At least the name of the organization provides a compass in and of itself.  As long as they call themselves ISIS, we at least have to acknowledge that they have a clear direction as to what they are trying to do.  Can we say that about America?  Can we say that about Iraq’s fledgling government?  Can we say that about President Obama?

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  1. This is just more ZOG dis-info fm u shills at CommonSenseConspiracy, ho ho ho. ISIS is just another CIA/ZOG/MOSSAD/Saudi operation, armed fm, among other sources, the stash of weapons in Libya–it was connected w. Benghazi operation run by USA ambassador, Stevens, who was killed by ZOG, perhaps to take-out a witness.

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