Lana Del Rey Newest Member of the Illuminati’s “27 Club” — “I Wish I Was Dead Already”

Lana Del Rey’s life might be one that many people dream of.  She’s now famous, and not only is she rich, but she always came from a family of privilege.  Money has never been a driving force in her existence, and it doesn’t seem like anything has changed with fortune and fame.  Now at the mysterious age of 27, Lana Del Rey has addressed the concept of the “27 Club.”  Basically, anytime a famous musician/actor rises to fame, they sweat it out because of the astonishing number of famous people that died unexpectedly at the age of 27.  It has long been theorized in conspiracy circles that the so-called “27 Club” is all about the world of Illuminati sacrifices or a punishment for those that accept the fame and fortune that the Illuminati provides without accepting their responsibilities to push forward the Illuminati agenda.

lana del rey illuminatiLana already seems a posterchild for an upcoming tragedy.  In an interview, she was asked about her age and the superstitions about it.  She dismissed it quickly, saying that it doesn’t matter much to her since she wishes she was dead already.  This shocked the interviewer, but she reaffirmed it again, saying that she doesn’t want to keep doing “this.”  She elaborated that “this” didn’t just mean music but life in general.

What can you say to that?  That’s a pretty incredible thing for someone in her shoes to say, and as you might imagine, many wonder where it is coming from.  Is she truly depressed?  Clinically?  Or is there an inner struggle going on between the marionette and her own desires and ambitions?  In any case, we at Common Sense Conspiracy certainly hope that this is not foreshadowing of the next member of the “27 Club” but after this revelation it is easy to see why we couldn’t exactly say we were surprised if it happens.

Lana also has a song called “Born to Die.”  It’s eerie to put it mildly, but many have already examined it for Illuminati images and symbols.  The video below shows some of the things that are being suggested about this song which certainly indicates that Lana’s obsession with her own death did not just start at the time of this interview.

3 thoughts on “Lana Del Rey Newest Member of the Illuminati’s “27 Club” — “I Wish I Was Dead Already””

  1. Hmmm

    There is one group within the famous musician/actor sector of our society that appears immune to this phenomenon . A subgroup that is grossly overrepresented considering their tiny minority. A group that interestingly enough has not as a percentage of their total numbers suffered relatively speaking from the curse of the 27 club. In fact one could quite legitimately conclude that there is in fact a conspiracy. A plot which has lead to devastating consequences for our country.

    1. I seriously doubt there’s a 27 conspiracy going around like the clap. They’re just not important enough. They’re a pack of mediocre, rich musicians who’ve made a pile of money and think they’ve come to the end of the road. If they need a push to get over their self-centered selves, I’d be more than willing to give them a nudge.

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