John Boehner is Going to Sue President Obama — Does Anyone Really Care?

It’s probably a fair assessment that most average Americans have absolutely no idea what the hell John Boehner is talking about now that he is threatening to sue the President of the United States for not upholding the Constitution.  And there’s a good reason for it.  It’s a totally lame waste of resources that has a whopping 0% chance of success.  It is, as so many things in the political arena are, a colossal waste of time, energy, and most importantly, precious taxpayer dollars for something that will amount to little more than an election year ploy and a silly attempt to “rally” the Republican base.

"I'm gonna really embarrass you for fifteen minutes or so Barack.  See you at the next corporate handjob session."
“I’m gonna really embarrass you for fifteen minutes or so Barack. See you at the next corporate handjob session.”

Having said all that, Boehner is absolutely right.  President Barack Obama has engaged in plenty of actions during this one-and-a-half terms in the White House that could certainly be construed as going against the Constitution, the oath that he took at both of his Inaugurations, and the general well-being of the nation as a whole.  However, he’s hardly alone in that club.  You don’t have to dig far in the history books to find plenty of other members.  Just look at George W. Bush.  Anything that Boehner is proposing to sue Obama for could totally be applied to W. as well.  As a matter of fact, back during his second term, Democrats actually considered similar actions against Bush for similar reasons.  Isn’t that funny?

The bottom line:  nothing is going to happen except a lot of money wasted and more silliness that we Americans put up with from our elected officials that supposedly act in our stead.  In the end, President Obama will keep right on taking a poop on the United States Constitution as he sees fit, just as his predecessor did.  As usual, the real problem here is the perception that there is a difference.  Republicans are outraged by what Obama has done and is going to do next.  Democrats were outraged by President Bush’s executive orders too.  The reality:  it’s all the same, and it’s all part of the same plan.  For the thousandth time here on Common Sense Conspiracy, the so-called two-party political system in America is just an illusion.  It has always been an illusion of choice, but more importantly in this day and age, it is an illusion of difference.  People really believe one side or the other is holding the other one down.  Division.  United we stand, divided we fall.  Prophetic words.  But not technically true.  The American nation actually works in the opposite.  Divided they stand.  The American government that is.  Dividing the people is their only policy that is really working, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight as long as the American people keep buying into the latest round of “who wants to take the blame this time?”