Hobby Lobby Beats ObamaCare — But Who is the Real Loser Here?

It’s been a bad couple of days for wanna-be American dictators.  President Barack Obama has twice now lost at the hands of the Supreme Court, once big time and now in a narrow ruling in favor of the now infamous Hobby Lobby lawsuit.

One thing is for sure... we definitely need more birth control.
One thing is for sure… we definitely need more birth control.

Honestly, Common Sense Conspiracy is absolutely shocked that the Supreme Court ruled this way.  It is fascinating and indicates some sort of power struggle at the very heart of American government.  With the ongoing movement to basically exterminate Christianity from the country, we thought there was no way the Supreme Court would rule in a way that actually gives Christians a little leverage.  And when you consider that this exact same Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare in the first place, it makes it even harder to believe.   After all, the Supreme Court famously had to rebrand the “penalty” as a “tax” to make the law slip in to constitutionality.

Having said all that, we have said from the start that this made no sense to begin with.  Why would any organization get an exemption from the law?  This has nothing to do with religion.  Why can’t lawmakers make laws that work for everyone from the outset?  That’s the whole concept behind a system of laws, remember?  The dissenting Supreme Court justices are exactly right on this one:  once you grant that first exemption for this or that, you just open up a firestorm of other exemptions.  See the United States’ perversion of a tax code if you need more information on this subject.

Still, it is refreshing to see anything where the federal government is told that it can’t mandate something, even if this might be one of the things it should mandate.  In some kind of way, we have to count that as a win, because at least they didn’t get their way on this one.  It’s sad that we are at this point now where we have to count things like this as a win against an overreaching federal government because there are no real wins to point to.

Well, you have to admit that they've got a point.
Well, you have to admit that they’ve got a point.

It’s so ironic that ObamaCare mandated that insurance should cover contraceptives.  It does make financial sense.  The idea is that if taxpayers are already paying for millions of people to have insurance who can’t provide it for themselves, we don’t really need them to be going without birth control because we really don’t need more of their Medicaid babies.  We get that.  Really.  But it’s just another example of a lack of personal responsibility in our country, and instead of punishing it or trying to teach better, we now are just issuing one more decree that there is always a way out in America.  Want to have unprotected sex?  Go right ahead.  We’ll foot the bill for your contraceptives.  And if something goes wrong, that’s okay.  You can always get an abortion.  We’re okay with that.  There is always a way to say “Whoops I messed up” in America and Uncle Sam steps right in and provides you with everything you need to get back out there and repeat those same mistakes again, or new ones…doesn’t really matter.

It’s also a clear case of gender discrimination if ever there was one.  If one male in America even thought to suggest that his insurance carrier should cover the cost of his condoms for a night out at the club where he might get lucky, he would be laughed out of the room.  Whether your whoring should be subsidized by the American people depends very much on your gender.  To be fair, we’re not saying that everyone that uses contraceptives is whoring it up.  What we are saying is that some of them probably are, and we pay for their ability to do their thing.  But if a man wanted to do that, he would be rebuked without any debate or anyone crying for the terrible situation we are putting them in.

The real loser is…you guessed it…the American people…especially those that contribute to society and pay taxes.  President Obama will hop, skip, and jump right to his next executive order requiring another form of insurance to pick up the tab for Hobby Lobby’s employees and other corporations like it.  He doesn’t actually have to worry about crap like this.  It’s good to be king.  When it all comes down, it doesn’t make a hill of beans if you are an American taxpayer.  You will be paying for contraceptives one way or another, no matter which way the Supreme Court ball bounces this day or the next.