Cydonia Region of Mars Explored in Detail — Signs of Life or Overactive Imaginations?

The Cydonia region of the planet Mars has garnered plenty of intrigue and more than a few conspiracy theories over the last several years.  This particular area of Mars is so fascinating to many because it seems to be relatively smooth compared to the heavily cratered rest of the Red Planet.  Some have suggested that an ancient alien civilization smoothed it out to make a settlement there.  Add in the faces, pyramids, and tons of other things laymen have “found” in videos and images from Mars all in the Cydonia region, and you can see why many people find this area of particular interest.  The following video does a great job of taking you on an in-depth journey through the Cydonia region and points out in detail all of the areas that have features that have caused intrigue and speculation.  It also does a great job of offering some background information as to what this region is all about and how it came to be like it is today.  Check it out.