Conspiracy Theorists Suggest Tracy Morgan Victim of Illuminati Car Hacking Plot in Pile-Up — Critical Condition?

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Several mainstream media sources indicated that this crash occurred on June 1 this morning.  Now, all mainstream media sources indicate that it happened at 1:00 A.M. last night.  We wish we had saved screenshots to show this progression in the “official account of things” but it is not possible to access those original news stories at this time.  This change will no doubt only add to the conspiracy rumblings surrounding this tragedy.  The article below reports from the original information.

Furthermore, the Walmart truck driver that apparently caused the accident has now been charged with multiple counts of “death by auto.”  This makes no sense.  Even in an accident such as this, you cannot be charged with a crime for accidentally causing a vehicle crash that kills another person.  Unless the truck driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs or it can be proven that he was sending a text message or some nonsense, he cannot be guilty of a crime.  He could obviously be sued in civil courts for causing the deaths and injuries, but the fact that authorities have already charged this man makes absolutely no sense based on the evidence we have heard about so far.  If this added up, every person that ever ran into another person would be booked into jail.  It seems that there must be more to the story, because the current scenario makes no legal sense.


Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan is in critical condition after his limousine was struck by multiple cars in a vicious pileup that left at least person dead so far.  We won’t waste time recounting exactly what is known about the accident as you can find that at any news source on the web or just turn on your television.  You came to Common Sense Conspiracy to find out if everything is above board, so that is what we will focus on.

The main fact that is making some people in conspiracy circles question the official account of the incident is the very late reporting of it.  The accident occurred on June 1, almost a week before it was announced that Tracy Morgan was in the hospital in critical condition.  It is highly unusual for any famous person’s status to be concealed for that long after what was a very public accident.  So, the secrecy of it is definitely turning heads.

One theory has risen to the top of the heap, and it is a new one on us.  It is being suggested that Tracy Morgan was the victim of an elaborate Illuminati “car hacking” plot.  The idea is that the Illuminati had some reason to want to either kill Morgan or send him a very strong message, so they used ultra-modern technology to cause the pileup.  If you think that sounds a bit on the outlandish side, you are absolutely right, but it’s not the first time such a theory has been proposed.  The car hacking technology theory was actually used to explain the death of Princess Diana as well.  The video below explains the concept, but it does appear to be satirical in nature.  However, not everyone out there thinks it’s so crazy, as you’ll find if you stop by conspiracy forums on the web.  Just look up some of the theories about Paul Walker or Michael Hastings, and you’ll find that this is nothing new in conspiracy circles.

Of course, the most likely explanation is that Tracy Morgan was the victim of a very unfortunate turn of events, and the late reporting of his condition could be just as easily attributed to an extremely private family as anything of the Illuminati variety.  Still, these theories will persist, and Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to keep you updated.

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