Bowe Bergdahl’s Freedom is Splitting Up Even the Military — Deserter? Worth the Price?

Well if President Barack Obama was hoping to stoke a little goodwill after another week of scandal relating to the United States’ veterans’ affairs, he certainly managed to go in the opposite direction.  The release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is now aflame in controversy.  It sounded like a feel-good story at first.  An American soldier in Afghanistan is freed just a little after Memorial Day and just a couple of days after the President made a surprise, secret visit to the country to tell troops that he plans on withdrawing them as he promised 5 years ago at some point in the next couple of years, maybe.  The problem is that Bowe Bergdahl seems to be quite the controversial figure.

While it can be difficult to tell fact from fiction when almost everyone involved may be lying, there definitely seems to be some differences in the opinions of Mr. Bergdahl’s character.  Several veterans and current active soldiers have expressed discontent with the move.  For one thing, Bergdahl’s release wasn’t free.  The United States brokered the deal by putting five known terrorists on the trading block.  They traded five known murderers for the one American soldier.  On top of that, many say that Bergdahl was a deserter and was drunk as a skunk when he got caught by the Afghans.  Is it true?  Well, it’s hard to say.  As you might imagine, the American government has no comment on any of these matters.  They aren’t worried about anything but working overtime to parlay this into some sort of badge of honor for President Obama.  But others are pointing to the old concept that a fellow named George W. Bush believed in.  America isn’t supposed to negotiate with terrorists, and to many, it seems that this is blatantly what President Obama did.

So, where do you stand on this?  Do you believe five known terrorists should be let into the wild to set Bergdahl free?  Why not send in soldiers to free him?  Aren’t they already there?  Did they not know where he was being held?  Could they not have bluffed the deal and then invaded?  There are so many scenarios where America could have come out looking differently.  The reality is that some people back home just don’t feel that Bergdahl’s life was worth what was put on that trading block.  It also sends a resounding message to the world.  America will negotiate.  We can be bought, we can be talked into a deal.

From the conspiracy angle, it’s all very simple.  What we are being told is very different from reality, most likely.  Don’t be surprised that if you dig into the facts a few months down the road, there was a much more sinister reason why the American government was willing to give up so much to get Bergdahl back on American soil alive.  Don’t expect to see him watching the greeting station at your local Wal-Mart.  Rest assured that the government has a very good reason for why they desperately wanted Bergdahl in their custody on this side of the ocean.  While the mainstream media will quickly forget about this moment in history where President Obama once again shocked the world with his unbelievable ability to do the right thing at the right time once again, there are those of us that will want to know what becomes of one Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl after this all dies down and blows over.  Stay tuned.