Was 50 Cent’s Ridiculous Pitch at Mets Game an Embarrassment Sanctioned by the Illuminati?

Rapper Fifty Cent looks like a guy that ought to be a throw a baseball at least in a general direction fairly easily.  You might be one of those people that just doesn’t care about baseball in general, so maybe you ignored the news about Fifty Cent’s pitch.  What’s the big deal?  Dude is not a pitcher.  Well, if you watch the video below, this pitch wasn’t just weak or a little off target.  This is so terrible that it almost HAS to be fake.  Fake as in he faked it; the video is consistent and very real, not to mention the fact that the pitch was witnessed by thousands of fans who no doubt had their mouths hanging open.  How could 50 Cent be that bad at throwing a baseball?

There are a couple of theories about that.  One is that 50 Cent was supposed to throw the ball so horribly and embarrassingly because this was his big Illuminati embarrassment moment.  You know, like Denzel getting shot in the butt or several black comedians wearing a dress in films.  Perhaps this was 50’s moment to put himself on a major international stage and totally come out looking like an idiot.  Another theory is that Fifty Cent did it himself on purpose in order to garner national attention.  After all, with a new album dropping next week, he needs some publicity, and this was one unorthodox way to get it.  In any case, 50’s pitch will go down in history as one of the absolute worst ever.  What do you think?