Satanic Group Wants to Put Satan Statue Next to Ten Commandments at Oklahoma State Capitol

A group of Satanism activists are having a bronze statue of Satan made to put right next to the Ten Commandments at the Oklahoma State Capitol.  As you might imagine, the statue has garnered some fierce opposition, but the statue will be completed soon, and ultimately, some silly court will spend a whole lot of taxpayer dollars deciding an even sillier issue.

No, we weren't trying to offend nobody sir.
No, we weren’t trying to offend nobody sir.

What’s the point, you might ask?  Well, Satanists think they have just as much right to have their statue there as the Ten Commandments commemoration that already appears there.  Christians, of course, have no problem with the Ten Commandments being on the premises, but they certainly aren’t really happy about the appearance of a idolatry-rich Satan statue appearing next to it.  Atheists and agnostics feel that none of the above should be present in a government building.

Our take:  it’s probably a good idea to kick all of them out and just say no statues unless it’s just some famous, rich person, like we usually do in America.  No Ten Commandments, no Satan statues, and no statues of Charles Darwin just because that would be too much like an atheist statue.  However, we will say this.  The Ten Commandments is, I don’t know, a little less abrasive then a Satan statue.  After all, you might not believe in Satan for real, but you still know what he represents in the grand scheme of things.  Putting up a statue of Satan and saying “Oops I didn’t know that would offend people” is as ignorant as going around saying “n**ger” but proclaiming that you are not a racist and didn’t mean it that way.  The outcome is the same in the end, right?

Much like Sterling and the NBA fiasco, freedom to do what you please doesn’t mean you are free from all consequences.  Ultimately, what you do will cause some reaction, and you always know this going in.  So, let’s not act so damn surprised when it happens.