NSA Classifies Information About Flight MH370 Investigation

This is not what you would call a big surprise.  The National Security Agency has classified information about Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.  Two things to think about here.  One is obvious.  What do they know and why are they hiding it?  If this plane simply crashed and they just don’t know where it is, then why would any information surrounding the investigation be a big secret?  Why would it even be a concern of the NSA in the first place?  Clearly, there has to be some reason that the information is being classified, and they don’t want us to know what that reason is.

The second thing is not as obvious.  For weeks, mainstream media news sources, especially CNN, lived and died coverage of the search for MH370.  They had roundtable discussions, breaking news alerts every time someone found a piece of plastic wrapper in the ocean, and tons of useless speculation.  So, why on Earth would the story we are reporting here not even make the mainstream news cycle?  That’s right.  You will not hear one iota of coverage in the mainstream media about the NSA classifying this information, which incidentally is by far the most damning evidence that there is more to this than we are being told to come to the surface yet.  It’s just another glaring example of the mainstream media catering to the agenda of those that control it, and another glaring example of our government not being completely up front with us about what is going on.  After all, why would the United States even be involved in this at all?  Oh, there is a reason, and maybe one day we will find out what that reason is.  Perhaps when the plane resurfaces somewhere that it isn’t supposed to be.

But not today.

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  1. That is crazy that they classified this. What about the identical plane that was found in Israel? Do you think they are protecting Israel like they have in 911?

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