Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is Now in the United States — Don’t Be Alarmed!

MERS is a mysterious illness.  Well, that makes it sound like some witchcraft voodoo s**t, but what it really comes out to is a disease that they haven’t exactly figured out what causes it yet.  That makes it mysterious, especially if you are attempting widespread fear-mongering.

Add a new one to the list, boys.
Add a new one to the list, boys.

The disease has caused quite an outbreak in Saudi Arabia and worldwide organizations have been watching cautiously.  Almost 100 people were killed, but thus far, the syndrome had been confined to the Middle East.  No longer.  MERS has now been bonafide confirmed in the United States.  It came from Saudi Arabia via an overseas worker that took a long and winding course to Indiana via jet.  He survived, but it is expected that other cases will appear.  But don’t worry says the CDC. No big deal.

The syndrome is thought to somehow be contracted from camels in some kind of new messed-up version of AIDS and monkeys.  The government continues to insist that we are safe and this won’t be a major outbreak.  Could they just be trying to downplay the risk to avoid panic?  Sure.  They do that, you know?  But it could be that medical and hygienic practices here are better than in Saudi Arabia, reducing the possibility of a widespread outbreak.  Or, we might all be having a little trouble breathing in a couple of weeks.

Are you worried about MERS?  Do you believe the CDC when it says there is no reason to be concerned?

Was there a CDC in bubonic plague times?

Let us know what you think in the comments section.


One thought on “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is Now in the United States — Don’t Be Alarmed!”

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