Man Arrested at School Council Meeting for Voicing Concerns About Reading Assignment

There is some debate about this viral video from Gilford, New Hampshire. A concerned parent was taken from the school meeting, handcuffed right outside the door, and taken off to jail for disorderly conduct. His crime: questioning the school’s assignment of an objectionable book as a mandatory reading list. Most people in conspiracy circles see this as just another example of the walls of freedom closing in on us on a daily basis. It is kind of hard to believe that this was actually a crime and deserved an custodial arrest. Is that a worthwhile commitment of taxpayer dollars? Of course, with our current national picture, who really can worry about wasting taxpayer dollars with a straight face anyway?

The other side of the argument is that perhaps the concerned parent could have found another way to voice his concerns without subjecting himself to arrest. Of course, that would have allowed the school board to simply dismiss his proper request and go on with their agenda, which is pretty much a microcosm of our world today. You don’t want to get arrested? Well, present your argument in the right way. That way, we can simply reject it and do what we were going to do anyway, and you can stay out of jail. Change or recognition of a problem always takes a backseat. Or, as we like to say around here, common sense takes a backseat. Anyway, what do you think? Heavy-handed reaction or a citizen put in their place by authorities? We want to hear your opinions.