Isla Vista Victims Caught Live Receiving Direction from “Directors” — “Is My Director Talking?”

This is one of those videos that appears pretty damning on the surface.  We’ll take a look at it from a few different angles, but we suggest you start by viewing it below.  The video is from a couple of people that were supposedly eyewitnesses to some of the aftermath of the Eliot Rodger shootings in Isla Vista, California.  In the video, they are being questioned by a news reporter about what they saw.  While replying, one of the girls appears confused as if she might have said or was about to say something wrong.  She looks offscreen and then looks at the other girl and says in a lower voice “Is my director talking?”

Now, as you might imagine, this video is making the rounds in conspiracy circles as serious evidence that the Eliot Rodger situation is another false flag event perpetrated by the government to bring about an agenda which most agree is probably gun control legislation.  In conspiracy circles, people like these two women are often referred to as “crisis actors.”  They basically provide “eyewitness” accounts on the news where they saw exactly what they are told to say while looking afraid or stunned by what they supposedly witnessed.  In return, they receive money or other benefits.  They probably don’t see a big problem with doing it as they are never asked to say anything that seems to go against the sequence of events that is being told anyway.  The idea is that they aren’t asked to make up a story, just to tell a story as if they were there at an event that they believe really happened for money.  In reality, at least according to this theory, they are being asked to provide these stories because there are no real eyewitnesses because the event was either staged or didn’t happen at all.

While Common Sense Conspiracy certainly believes in the possibility of staged events by the government, we can see both sides of the story here.  What the girl in the video says seems damning, but in reality, any person that is doing a live interview on a news channel would indeed have a director or some person that helps them get set up and preps them for the interview.  It is quite common for them to have an earpiece in ear where they can hear the other party clearly and perhaps receive instructions in real time.  While this could be exactly what the conspiracy theory says it is, it could also be perfectly innocent.  These two ladies could be real observers that were taking part in something they don’t do on a regular basis and were receiving direction from professionals.  Or they could have been carefully directed crisis actors playing a predetermined part.

It is important to note that if they were crisis actors, it is doubtful that they would make such a big mistake.  It is also doubtful that if this information were so damning that it would have made it on the air in the first place.  Remember, any live television event is tape-delayed so that networks can dump it if anything too bad gets said. They can’t control what people are going to say live so they have to take precautions.  If this was considered as an especially damning revelation, you can bet it would have been dumped, just as if the ladies had started shouting the “F word” every other word.  If you think no eyewitness has ever dumped some profanity on the world in the heat of a moment, guess again.  There are people that monitor every second of the broadcast and have the ultimate say to press the dump button and stop anything from getting out to the world.  So, in a way, the seeming mess-up actually tends to prove that the video is legit, not a staged presentation.  Anyway, we want to hear your opinions.  Does this video further any problems you might have with this latest massacre that is heating up gun control debates across the nation once again?