Eliot Rodger’s Video Shows Bullying as Motivation for Shootings — Here We Go Again

Another day in America, another shooting.  Eliot Rodger announced via a video his intention to get “revenge on humanity” twenty-four hours before he opened fire on what as far as we know now are nothing but innocent civilians in Isla Vista, California, leaving seven people dead and then dying himself from a shotgun wound, presumably self-inflicted, although we don’t know this for sure at this time.

Eliot has some real good reasons why he decided to kill a bunch of innocent people.  See, he had a rough teenage life.  People made fun of him.  He couldn’t get the girls he wanted to have sex with him.  He just had enough.  Actually, Eliot is an idiot, and Common Sense Conspiracy thinks it’s excellent that he is dead.  We just wish he had pulled that trigger on himself first and left the other people alone.

Regardless of what level of bullying you receive in your high school years (and every one of us probably encountered some form of it in our lifetime), you have ABSOLUTE NO RIGHT to go on a shooting rampage.  You have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to take the lives of others.  The fact that you were bullied, regardless of the capacity, is not an excuse.  For the five millionth time here at the CSC, it IS NOT NORMAL to have this reaction.  Watch.  The mainstream media will use this to promote their agenda once again.  There will be lots of anti-gun talk, and lots of “experts” talking about how bullying drove this young man to commit what can only be labelled as a real atrocity.  They will act like any child out there is just one slap on the head away from a murderous rampage.  IT IS NOT TRUE!  Almost every teenage child in America has faced some sort of bullying.  You can bet that there are thousands upon thousands of children out there that faced much worse than Eliot Rodger.  Did they go on a shooting spree?  No.  They grew up, tried to conquer their fears, and learned a good lesson about life:  bullies are out there, and you are going to have to learn how to deal with them, sooner or later.

It is actually a huge detriment that the mainstream media and our government wants us to believe that our own children are just mass shooters waiting for the right “four eyes” comment to set them off.  They take a few mentally disturbed individuals and try to act like there’s a magic combination that will make any of us open fire.  There isn’t.  The only magic combination is being disturbed mentally in some form or fashion, and being a f**king idiot that believes in the ultimate form of bullying — taking another person’s life because you feel that you are entitled to do so.  Now that’s bullying.  And the mainstream media won’t be saying anything about that part.

If the mainstream media’s story is true, maybe we should start encouraging our kids to kill themselves first, since there is no way to stop their murderous urges.  Or we might could realize that we have created an entitlement culture where now kids believe that because they had a rough shake they have the right or the need to make a statement by doing things such as these.  It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Somewhere out there is another Eliot Rodger who is watching the mainstream media make him out to be some tortured hero that succumbed to a cruel world instead of the evil piece of human garbage that he actually is.

If that person is reading, we understand what you are seeing in the mainstream media and how that might be influencing your perception of what you are going through in your life.  But please do us all a favor.  Blow your own brains out and leave everyone else alone.  Or better yet, accept that you are not alone, not that special, really, and that there are tons of people out there that would love to help you.  You could reach out to others or come to that realization yourself.

But if you can’t…remember.

Blow your own brains out first.  There are other people out there that want to live and don’t deserve to suffer because you can’t deal with the thing we all go through called life.  Below is Eliot’s rambling video in which he outlines his stupid reasons for why he did what he did.  The mainstream media will label this as a plea for help.  If only someone had blown his brains out shortly after he made this video, we could all go back to our Memorial Day cookouts unscathed.  The only cure for this sort of person is death, and the unfortunate thing is that his came at the expense of others.