Why We Agree With Hillary — What Difference Does Benghazi Make At This Point?

Hillary Clinton certainly enraged plenty of people with her mostly out-of-context comment during Benghazi testimony: “What difference does it make?” Well, years later, Republicans are now trying to open yet another investigation into the matter, and while we were pretty enthusiastic to put Hillary down for that comment way back then, we have to say that we can’t help but agree with her in the here and now of 2014.
Politics are the only thing at play here. That’s kind of ironic, really, since politics created the whole mess to begin with. That’s not to downplay the actual tragedy of the event, but it’s more about the aftermath. The reason there is investigation after investigation into this matter is because the Obama administration scampered to cover up the truth about the Benghazi matter because it was a scant few weeks until a presidential election. That’s not a Democrat or Republican thing; if a Republican hillaryPresident had been in office and all things had gone the same way, we’d still be sitting here today only the sides would be reversed. That’s probably the most sickening thing for a truly non-partisan concerned American citizen. Now, Republicans are opening a Senate subcommittee to investigate a matter that we already know everything there is to know about. No one is actually questioning the facts. It is almost black and white here, folks. Susan Rice was instructed to make it all go away by pinning it all on some film that enraged a bunch of Muslims so they attacked the embassy and killed a U.S. ambassador. She did just that, and it worked. President Obama dodged the whole mess, and he is, in fact, still dodging it successfully right now. That’s no matter. The political stakes have changed now. See, now it’s all about these all-important midterm elections coming up where experts say we are going to see Republicans take control.
Hillary was right.
What difference does it make?
Republicans? Democrats? When will Americans wake up and realize that it is all the same thing? This is just more political posturing so they can drag out this “investigation” until November. Then it will go away, just like it already has how many times so far. Hell, half of America probably doesn’t even remember what happened in Benghazi, and the other half remembers but doesn’t care. The more our politicians politicize the issue, the more it gets dehumanized.
Those news cycles have to be full of something, and now they will be full of what is just another defrauding of the American people and their taxpayer dollars. We will spend millions “investigating” an event that anyone in the world can already outline if they really want to. This “cover-up” was so see-through, it doesn’t even seem like it was a “cover-up.” It was so in-your-face that it’s almost like they just came out and said “No f’in way this is getting us right before the election.”
As is almost always the case in these matters, the real problem is that there are actually people in America that do think it makes a difference. They think the Republicans are trying to bring the Democrats to justice. Or they think the Republicans are just causing problems while the Democrats continue to build their utopian welfare society everyone is so excited about. Reality? They are working together to make sure that each and every American is none the wiser while they help themselves to another slice of the pie — and the agenda.
Wake up America! It doesn’t matter if you identify yourself as a Democrat or a Republican, an atheist or a Christian, black or white, straight or gay. What matters is that you realize that you are being played for a sucker, and they are mugging your pockets in the meantime.
We need an investigation without the quote marks, but this one isn’t it.
What difference does it make?