African Americans Win Debate By Completely Avoiding Debate Topic

This video is going around. Let us warn you, the video below probably won’t be available for long as YouTube has already shut down this particular video numerous times. Fortunately for us, people keep putting it up in a slightly different version so that we can enjoy a fine debate “American-style.”
It is not immediately understood why so many people are fighting to not allow this to remain on YouTube. After all, demanding it be taken down on the grounds of “intellectual property” — well, you can see where we’re going with that.

One thought on “African Americans Win Debate By Completely Avoiding Debate Topic”

  1. This was a debate? One side sounded like they were having a heavy breathing contest (the winners) and the other side, well, at least they did mention the words that were suppose to be the subject of the debate. I think a more fitting title would’ve been the overuse of the word n**ga, that would’ve made the win more legitimate.

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