Think the Government Backed Down in Nevada Ranch Standoff? Guess Again.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his family had been ranching cattle on an area of land for cumulatively 140 years when the Bureau of Land Management decided enough was enough.  The standoff between Bundy and the feds captured a lot of attention in the national media, but as is all too often the case, for all the wrong reasons.

Well put.
Well put.

On Saturday, the Bureau of Land Management announced that it was backing down because of increasing tensions.  They also went out of their way to make it sound like the people in Nevada protesting this overreach of federal authority were the ones taking it too far.  There were repeated stories of protesters with handguns and weapons threatening federal authorities.  Then, the good old BLM decided that it was just best for all parties if they got out of there and pursued this in the courts, you know, the way they should have from the beginning in a supposedly civil society.

Of course, if you accept that story, it sounds like the big bad government did the right thing and backed down to save lives and avoid another terrible Ruby Ridge/Waco-ish ending.  What you didn’t hear is how the BLM had snipers stationed all around the ranch.  They were the ones brandishing weapons.  Protesters didn’t bring weapons because they wanted to show the feds how tough they were.  They were afraid they were going to be attacked by their own government, and there is plenty of past history to make that a reasonable fear.  As usual, the mainstream media only painted one side of the story, making the feds look like bastions of humanity while the protesters are portrayed as gun-toting, uncivilized barbarians standing up for a rogue.

Did the government really stand down?  Don’t believe it for a second.  Right now, you can bet that there is a law enforcement component watching every move that Bundy makes.  They know when he takes a dump and when each of his cattle takes a dump. If anything, they are trying to create a sense of calm before they swoop in.  Something bad will happen to Bundy, and we at Common Sense Conspiracy sincerely hope that can be avoided.  However, it’s unlikely.  The federal government is not just going to let this go.  They are trying to play the peacekeeper card for now, but they are watching and waiting for the right moment.  But the right moment is more about politics than it is anything else.  Enter Harry Reid.

The BLM has been busy purging any trace of the fact that Senator Harry Reid of Nevada was actively trying to get the Bundy’s off of that land because he has big, big plans for it.  Harry Reid was formerly the senior advisor of the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada incidentally.  See, Harry was courting a Chinese firm that wanted to build a $5 billion solar power plant on this very land, and the only thing standing in his way from a very profitable feather in his cap is the Bundy ranch.  Of course, the fact that he doesn’t own the land and has no real claim to it is beside the point.  That doesn’t matter when you are any branch of the federal government.  So, Harry was the mover and shaker behind this whole standoff, but as you might imagine, as public opinion has soured on the matter, Harry doesn’t want to be anywhere near it.  Fortunately for us, people out there were able to get this information before it was purged out of existence.  So, there is concrete evidence that will forever connect Harry Reid to this whole incident, whatever terrible outcome still comes of it.

But you will never, ever hear any of that reported on the mainstream media.  Do you not think that a prominent Senator was petitioning a Chinese company to build a $5 billion solar power plant on this very land wouldn’t at least be a passing blurb in the news coverage?  They didn’t even mention it once.  They didn’t even mention Harry Reid.  But they mentioned those “barbarians” plenty.  Those “barbarians” are ordinary, hard-working Americans standing up for their rights against an increasingly overreaching and oppressive federal government.

That’s just not sexy news, though, is it?

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  1. What about the “OTHER RANCHES” that have driven out over a 20 year period can anything be done for them.

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