The Ultimate Warrior Dies Suddenly After Hall of Fame Induction — More to the Story?

The Ultimate Warrior, James Brian Hellwig, has died very suddenly at the age of 54.  Just this past weekend he was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame.  Seeming the figure of health just a few days ago, one of wrestling’s biggest stars apparently collapsed on the sidewalk and is now confirmed dead.

It goes without saying that Hellwig was in pretty good shape.  Professional wrestling may be choreographed, but it is still a very athletically demanding sport.  Now, the speculation will continue as to just how the Ultimate Warrior could have found himself lying on the sidewalk.

There will be several theories about this.  You are going to hear the dreaded “I word.”  That’s right.  Illuminati.  If that’s not the case, there could be some that think this is some sort of WWE sanctioned publicity stunt.  And if none of those conspiracy theories float your boat, some will point to years of possible steroid use as the eventual cause of the wrestling icon’s untimely demise.

What do you think?  What killed the Ultimate Warrior?  Below is the video of his induction in the Hall of Fame.  Remember, this was just nights ago in New Orleans.