President Obama Says the Right to Vote is Under Threat in the U.S. — Well You Got That Right, You Idiot!

Everyone that frequents this site knows what our mission statement is and what we are all about.  Common Sense Conspiracy firmly believes that the United States of America suffers from a one-party system that parades itself as a two-party system.  Through a complicated web of making people hate each other for reasons they aren’t even sure of and giving the illusion of choice, they fool the American people into thinking that it’s always the other guy’s fault.  Meanwhile, they continue to enjoy free reign to do what they wish with what was once one of the greatest countries in the world.  Today, however, we are a little angry.  President Obama said something today that should just offend everyone, and yet it will be watered down by the partisan world they have created and everyone will miss the point.

At a conference organized under the Al Sharpton name (Red Flag #1), President Obama said that the right to vote in the United States is under threat.  He even went on to compare it to times fifty years ago before the Voting Rights Law was passed.  Well, first we’ll explain how he’s completely wrong, and then we’ll explain how he’s completely right.

President Obama is using this pedestal to criticize the Republican Party for this perceived injustice of restricting would-be Democratic voters from getting to the ballot boxes.  While the Republicans probably are only on this soapbox because it might help them prevent a few votes against their party, realistically, they are only asking that laws on the books be enforced.  You are supposed to be able to identify yourself to vote.

Now, here is where the Democrats rally cry comes.  What a travesty of justice.  Depriving poor people of their right to vote.


Who cannot get a drivers’ license or non-driver identification card?

The answer is very simple.  Anyone that is a legal potential voter in this country can certainly get an identification card.  It’s not that hard.  It’s not expensive, and most states have programs for those that are apparently so poor that they can’t afford the fee can have some form of identifying themselves.  The bottom line is that people who can’t get identification are not poor.  They are illegals or they are concerned about their possible fugitive status.  They are avoiding getting valid identification because (gasp!) they are afraid of what might happen if someone official finds out who they are.

The average educated Democrat knows all of this.  They know that it’s not that damn hard to get an ID card.  What they are really questioning is the Republican’s timing during this last election of trying to enforce voter fraud laws.  Why then?  Well, of course, the answer is to help them have a chance to win.  Because Democrats, as everyone in the world knows, have the market cornered on votes from illegals and fugitives.  They have that market cornered like the Republicans have the market cornered on Southern Christians.

Who is wrong?  Everyone is wrong.  But Obama got one thing right.  The right to vote is under threat in the United States.

Think about it.  Every day on the news there is more information about just how bad it has gotten.  The NSA is now using security bugs to steal your passwords.  Makes it easier to illegally eavesdrop on everything you say or do.  Every day another freedom goes down the drain.  Every day there is another movement for laws that no one really understands why they are attempting to implement them, yet they support or oppose them along silly non-existent party lines.

Here's the threat to voting in America right here!
Here’s the threat to voting in America right here!

You don’t have a right to vote.  Not really.  Whether you have an ID or not.  Because it is fixed.  Whether the elections are truly fixed as in they choose the winner, or they are fixed in that we are having two candidates from the ONE-PARTY system served up to us time after time, they are fixed.  Your vote doesn’t count.  The outcome is always the same.

So what is Obama’s real goal here?  He is not serving the Democratic Party, as many of the sheep might think.  And when we say sheep, there are thousands of Republicans that will get hot and bothered about this too.  They are all deceived, Republicans and Democrats alike.  Obama’s statements run under that political guise, but what it is really designed to do is deepen that abyss between the supposed political parties.  It’s designed to increase partisanship.  It’s designed to increase the hatred between sides. It’s designed to incite division throughout America.  It incites racism.  When we say racism, we mean real racism which transcends one way or the other.  Racism is a general term, and black-on-white and white-on-black racism in America today is equally prevalent, and Obama is just trying to make sure it stays that way.

Remember, the biggest fear of elitists like Obama and the shadow government that he represents is that the American people ever realize the delusion is just that.  So, they work overtime making sure they keep us all blaming one another, lest we blame it where the blame deservedly should be placed.

2 thoughts on “President Obama Says the Right to Vote is Under Threat in the U.S. — Well You Got That Right, You Idiot!”

  1. Can’t say I disagree with any of the premises presented here. Illusions cast aside.

    I would suggest that having official “Observers” at the Polls eliminates the need to offer “ID” to vote.

    If you are a registered voter, you are listed on the polls. The “Observer” observes your name being checked off when you get your ballot: done. That name only votes ONCE. Hard to imagine anyone returning and voting again, as if the Observer would not “notice.”

    Requiring ID is a burden: some do not drive, some are harrassed when attempting to acquire registration. But it is no “burden” to check off each name at the Poll as they vote. Presenting ID is the LEAST of the vote fraud problem.

    The non-verified electronic vote is the real machine of Fraud.

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