New Reports Indicate that Malaysian Flight MH370 Pilot Was Eating a Cheeseburger When Plane Went Off Course

Okay, not really.  But the title of this post is designed to demonstrate how ridiculous the search for MH370 (which we acknowledge was a tragic and terrible event) has become.  Today, we are getting a new report all these weeks later that the co-pilot now attempted to possibly make a call on his cell phone just before the plane went off course.  Of course, no one can confirm this, and authorities have already said that there is a good chance this report is inaccurate.  Yet, they acknowledged it openly and said they will be considering it in their investigation.

Oh how far we've come, and we still know as little as we did on day one.
Oh how far we’ve come, and we still know as little as we did on day one.

From there, we have to believe that no one else’s cell phones on the plane were functioning, just the co-pilots.  Now, we have had the ongoing drama of Australia saying that it is getting pings from what everyone supposes is the plane’s black box, and yet today, the big story is that all is silent now.  Did the batteries go dead?  Didn’t we just hear for three weeks that the batteries wouldn’t even last this long?  But then there were conflicting reports about that?  Then, it was the depth in the ocean.  How far is too far?

Don’t forget about the trail of debris that kept getting found, and each time we were told it was nothing to do with it.  Only, no one ever told us where that debris came from.  There’s a whole lot of unexplained debris floating around in the ocean, and no one seems to know what’s up with it.  What’s next?

Who is telling the truth?  It seems that every report is directly contradicting the last one, and no one is even all that sure they are looking in the right place to begin with.  Now, with the black box finally going out for good, is there any hope that we will ever find out the truth about MH370?  Or is it time to start looking at other possibilities?  What do you think?