Navy Can Convert Seawater to Fuel — This is What They ARE Telling Us

The United States Navy expressed interest in new technology that might lead to the ability to harvest fuel as we know it today from standard, average salty ocean water about a year ago.  The benefits of such an advancement are obvious.  Now, in less than a year’s time since they announced their intentions to pursue such technology, the United States Navy is now publicly acknowledging that not only is it pursuing, but it has done it.  While they won’t be cutting the lifeline of gasoline and crude oil in the immediate future, it has been proven to be possible, and in fact has been done.

Two things we’d like to point out about this interesting news.  The first is that it’s obvious also that the Navy knew they were close to this when they made the initial announcement.  This means that who knows how many years they have really been working on this.  They are telling us about it now.  Imagine what kinds of technology is being developed behind the scenes that are not being acknowledged at all.  There’s an old mantra in conspiracy circles that NASA and the military are about 10-20 years ahead of technology that is released to the public.  With the things we are capable of in the public today thanks to technology, it is easy to see that the government probably has access to some pretty jaw-dropping futuristic devices.